Whole House Water Filtration System Choices

Whole House Water Filtration System Choices

Are you in the market for a Whole House Water Filtration System? If you are looking and are unsure what your next steps should be, we have some information that can help.

First thing’s first and that is knowing more about your water like do you have city water or a private well? Water is different from city to city and even area to area, so it is a good idea to be familiar with the water in your area and specifically, the water in your home so you can know what contaminates you may have and what you are looking to filter out.

Having your water tested is easy and there are many free options. Calling a company for a free quote on a filtration system will generally include a free water test. You can also call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-479 or go to epa.gov to find a state-certified lab.


After you have had your water tested and now know what contaminates you are dealing with the next step is to decide what type of system best fits your needs, your size of the home, and your budget.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

In most homes across the US, there are a few main types of water filtration systems and they can variations from there.

There are ion exchange systems. These are most commonly referred to as the salt systems. This is because there is an ion exchange between the excess amounts of calcium and magnesium with sodium ions.

Reverse Osmosis system. These systems can be very compact and are generally found under the sink. They force the water through a membrane that is able to greatly reduce the number of contaminants in your water.

H2o Concepts Whole Home Water Filtration System. Our patented system is a little different than the competition and the differences are make our system special. We created a patented Amp Force Technology System where we use energy to break up the hard water molecules in your water. The water is then run through our high-quality filtration system using only the highest quality media. We have created this two-part system into one space-saving tank, with NO FILTERS to change and NO SALT to add! Not only is it virtually maintenance-free it is also backed by our 10-year warranty. We proudly make all of our systems in the USA, right here in Phoenix, Arizona and we stand behind our products. The best part about our systems is that it transforms every tap in your house to better than bottled water quality.

So before you go out and buy your Whole House Water Filtration System be sure you first do your leg work.

-Know your water

-Know what systems are out there and what their pros and cons are.

-Have multiple quotes. Never go just with the first guy you talk to, always get another quote.

-Make sure that you choose a system that is appropriate for your needs, the size of the home, and your budget.

We would love to come and give you a quote on one of Whole House Water Filtration Systems and help answer any questions you have about our system or any other kind of system and we will help you to find what works best for you and your family. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and one of our knowledgable staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.






Our Whole House Water Filtration System

Our Whole House Water Filtration System

Adding a Whole House Water Filtration System has drastically changed the water quality in our home. Moving to Arizona several years ago we found out quickly that the tap water quality in our areas was less than desirable. The water had an unpleasant odor and we didn’t like the wat it tasted either. At the time we didn’t think too much of it we just bought a couple of 5-gallon jugs and the dispenser for our drinking water and moved on.

A few weeks later we noticed that all of our dishes came out of the dishwasher looking spotted and not overly clean. Our skin felt dry and itchy and my daughter’s eczema seemed to be flaring back up. We began to think we may have a bigger problem on our hands that wouldn’t be fixed with a few 5-gallon sized containers of good water. So, we decided to have the water in our home tested.

The water test in our home was a bit of a shock at first. The water was very high on the hardness scale and there were still many other chemicals, pollutants, minerals, and other unwanted substances in our water and some at levels that were worrisome. This was all we needed to convince us that we needed to go forward with looking for a Whole House Water Filtration System to add to our new home.

Our first step was to decide what type of system we wanted to go with.  We did a lot of research on a salt-based system versus a non-salt-based system. We looked at many of the pros and cons and decided to go with a non-salt-based system.

We liked the non-salt systems because we had previously had a salt-based system in another home, and we hated the hassle of the salt bags. They were heavy and I hated going to the store to get them. We also seemed to always forget to add more on time so it would go empty far too often. The salt system did work fine in reducing the hard water issues that we had but there was a separate system added to further filter the water and we wanted to find a Whole House Water Filtration System that did it all, and we did!

The H2o Concepts Whole House Water Filtration System was exactly what we were looking for. This system uses energy to break up the hard water minerals to rid our home of the hard water issues we were experiencing. This system also had a high-quality water filtration in the same tank, so right away we were sold. The fact that it was also certified green and uses only high-quality media to filter the water only helped solidify our choice. Another big seller of the H2o Concept’s system was the fact that it transformed not just the water at my kitchen sink, but EVERY tap in our home! Now we have great quality water not just for drinking and cooking but bathing and showering as well. My absolute favorite part of the H2o Concept’s Whole House System is that it is maintenance-free, literally. We don’t have any salt to fill, or filters to change out…nothing. Maintenance-free and warrantied for 10 years!

We definitely recommend our H2o Concepts Whole House Water Filtration System to anyone looking to have better water in their home. Thank you, H2o Concepts!


-Extremely Satisfied Customers

The Importance of an In-Home Water Filter System

The Importance of an In-Home Water Filter System

Having an In-Home Water Filter system is an essential addition to your home or office. Our public waters are treated before it enters our homes, but that does not mean that it is free of unwanted chemicals, bacteria, or other contaminates.

In order to know why it is important to have an In-Home Water Filter System installed into your home, you first need to know what an In-Home Water Filter is.

What is an In-Home Water Filter System?

Water filtration in the home can come in many forms and sizes. There are pitchers with small filters attached for those who maybe live in an apartment, small space, or use little water in the home. You can buy filters for your kitchen faucet or your refrigerators water dispenser. There are under the sink tanks and larger systems that can filter the water to your entire home.

What Does an In-Home Water Filter System Do?

These filters use a type of media to remove unwanted contaminants from our water. The water passes through a media like carbon and this removes smaller impurities that can be left behind after a physical type of filtration that only removes large particles.

Are In-Home Water Filter Systems Safe?

Our tap water is safe for human consumption and yet if you have your water tested you will find out that there are still many leftover minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and other potentially harmful contaminants remaining. Adding an In-Home Water Filter System can not only help to improve your water quality of taste and smell but also make it even safer for you and your family by removing or reducing these unwanted and potentially dangerous contaminates.

There are many reasons that adding an In-Home Water Filter System is a good idea and below are some of them.

Reasons to install an In-Home Water Filter System

-Safer drinking water

-Reduce Skin irritants

-Save Money

-Environmental protection

-Reduce Plumbing Issues

-Better tasting and smelling water

-Reduce the risk of certain diseases

-Eliminate soap build-up on clothing, skin, and dishes

Many of these issues cannot be completely removed with a water filter alone because hard water issues can also be the cause. Hard water is caused by a buildup of certain minerals like calcium and magnesium. This buildup can cause damage to your plumbing and appliances, leaves your skin dry and itchy, and causes clothes to wear out and fade faster. Overall hard water is a pesky problem that many homeowners face, and luckily there is an answer.

The H2o Concepts In-Home Water Filter System is a whole house system that is not only a top-notch water filter but also an advanced water condition system.

The H2o Concepts Whole House Systems are designed to produce bottled water quality water from every faucet in your home. These systems use our Amp Force Technology to remove your hard water issues and the highest quality media to filter out all the other impurities, minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants that we do not want in the water entering our homes nor our bodies.

Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we will have you enjoying the best possible quality water in your home in no time!

Phoenix Home Water Filtration System

Phoenix Home Water Filtration System

Hard water is an ugly reality that homeowners in the Phoenix area have to deal with. Hard water is caused by excessive amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in our water supply. These minerals cause the scale build-up, hard water spots, and are the culprit behind our skin and hair feeling dry and itchy.

The long-term effects of hard water can become very costly. Hard minerals water slowly clog up your pipes and cause very costly plumbing repairs. The buildup occurs in the pipes of your appliances as well and causes them to work less efficiently over time which increases your energy bill and ruins the appliance itself. Hard water also makes soap less efficient, less “soapy”, which causes us to use more soap. Laundry detergent is already on the expensive side, so using more of it than we need is a waste of soap and money. Hard water also causes our clothes to feel dingy and wear out faster, which again is costly to have to replace clothes before needed.

Luckily all of these hard water issues can be eliminated by adding a Phoenix Home Water Filtration System into your home.  H2o Concepts has a state-of-the-art system to handle all of your hard water issues and filter out all of the other impurities to make the water in your home softer and as clean and fresh as store-bought bottled water, right out of your tap!

Who wouldn’t want to have the best possible water quality in their homes? Everyone would if they had the choice and luckily you do.

Our Phoenix Home Water Filtration System uses our patented Amp Force Technology to eliminate your hard water issues without adding any excess sodium or any other minerals. The water is also filtered through our high-quality filtration media to help rid your water of the unwanted chemicals and contaminants, giving you that great-tasting bottled water quality water that we all desire.

When it comes to getting your Phoenix Home Water Filtration System, we know that you have options and many choices, and we want to help you make the choice that best fits your needs. We have many different systems and sizes to fit your family’s needs. Whether you are looking for a whole house filtration system,  under the sink system, private well, fluoride system, or even a commercial filtration system we have a system that will work for you.

Our Phoenix Home Water Filtration Systems are back by a 10-year warranty and made here in Phoenix. Let’s get rid of your hard water issues today and start saving you pipes, appliances, and your money. Give us a call today and let us help you find the filtration system that will fit your needs and we can have you enjoying great-tasting and great quality water from every tap in your home.

Contact us HERE.

Importance of an In-Home Water Filtration System

Importance of water filtration

When you look at a tall glass of water it looks so clean and pure, but is it? As water makes its journey to our faucets it experiences many changes along the way. Our water first makes its journey to the water treatment facilities before it can enter our homes and during this journey, the water passes through lakes and rivers, and doing so gathers minerals, nutrients, chemicals, and even other contaminants. If you are like me and enjoy watching any of the large variety of survival shows on tv then you have learned that you should not be drinking water straight from almost any lake, stream, or river. This is where water treatment facilities come into play.

The water treatment facilities take the water through several steps to make it safe to drink, cook with, and bathe in. The process involves:

  • Coagulation and Flocculation-positively charged chemicals are added to the water. This neutralizes dirt and other particles resulting in the formation of the floc.
  • Sedimentation-the floc settles below the water supply.
  • Filtration-the water then passes through several filters to further eliminate particles, chemicals, and bacteria.
  • Disinfection-a disinfectant is then added to further remove and harmful bacteria and protect the water on its journey through the pipes.

The United States has the safest drinking water in the world but unfortunately, the water that leaves these treatment facilities is still not perfect and you can still get illnesses from our water.

You can do a web search of simply “how is my water” and many sites will come up. You can then generally enter your city or zip code and find out how your area’s water performs on the tests that they run. You will likely see that your water still has many high levels of chemicals and contaminants that you do not want to be drinking, cooking with, or bathing in on a regular basis.

This is where the Importance of a Home Water Filtration System comes in. An in-home water filtration system can further remove impurities, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants that we do want on our tap water. We will send out a qualified technician to come and find out your specific water needs and can from there find a filtration system that will work for your family’s needs and budget.

Our salt-free Whole Home Water Filtration Systems are the most certified green system on the market today. Our systems are made in Phoenix, Arizona, and are backed with a 10-year warranty. Our system combines not only our patented Amp Force technology to eliminate your hard water issues but also a top-quality filter using only high-quality media to filter out all the contaminants in your water. Both of these amazing systems are combined into one space-saving tank.

woman Drinking waterYou and your family use the water in your home daily, shouldn’t you have the best quality water possible? Give us a call today and we will show how our patented Amp Force Technology is different than the competition and how you can have better smelling, tasting, and quality water coming straight out of every tap inside of your home.

Phoenix Water Softener

Phoenix Water Softener


In 2018 the Phoenix Metro Area was home to over 4.6 million people and there is something all of these people have in common and that is hard water. Arizona is known to hard very hard water throughout the entire state. This is not just a problem in Arizona but common in many states and areas throughout the US. Hard water does not cause any health concerns, but it can cause plumbing issues and dry skin.  The lack of rain here in the desert results in the majority of our water in the Phoenix area coming from lakes and rivers like the Salt River, Verde River, and the Colorado River, with the remaining water coming from our groundwater supply.


Hard water comes from certain minerals like magnesium and calcium in our water. As the water passes through the soil it absorbs minerals, excess nutrients and many other contaminates on its journey to the water treatment plant. The treatment plants make the water safe for human consumption, but they do not deal with hardness issues.  In order to reduce the hard water in your water, you will need to install some sort of Phoenix Water Softener. There are many different types of systems that you can use to soften the water in your home.


Why Do I Need a Phoenix Water Softener?


Again, hard water is safe. Hard water is on the other hand very annoying and can be extremely costly over time if not dealt with. Hard water causes scaling on your pipes and appliances. It causes the buildup you may have noticed on your faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. It can also cause soap to work less effectively which makes your skin feel itchy and can worsen dry skin issues like eczema.


H2o Concepts has the most certified green system on the market to meet all of your Phoenix Water Softener needs while being easy on mother nature. Our whole house systems are easy on you as well. Our systems do not use bulky salt bags like other systems, nor do they have filters that you have to change out monthly or even yearly. Our system is basically a get it and forget about the system. It doesn’t get much easier than that! We also back our system with a 10-year warranty, so you are covered. Our systems are made proudly in the USA here in Phoenix Arizona.


Give us a call or fill out our contact form HERE and we can send out a knowledgeable technician to see how we can get great tasting, great smelling, great quality water in your home today. Adding a Phoenix Water Softener will save you lots of money and plumbing issues over time. Save your pipes and appliances from the harmful effects of hard water and save your pocketbook from the extra spending hard water causes overtime on soaps, clothes, and unnecessary repairs.

The Many Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Having an in-Home Water Filter can have many benefits and depends on where you live and where your water comes from you may find it to be more of a need than a want and here in the Phoenix valley that is definitely the case.

The water in phoenix is very hard which can destroy your pipes and appliances and make your skin and hair dry.

Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Water filtration has come a long way over time and the process of filtering water can really make a huge difference in the taste, smell, and overall quality of the water entering your home.

Here are a few of the many benefits that you can get from adding a home water filter in your home.

  • Save Money

Everyone loves to save money and adding a home water filter to your home will save you money in multiple areas. Having great-tasting and great quality water coming straight out of the faucets in your home can save you a lot of money on no longer having to buy bottled water. Bottled water is an unnecessary cost that can add up significantly in a year, especially if you have a family. If your kids are like mine, then you find half-full bottles all over the house that don’t seem to belong to anyone.

There are many minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals found in our tap water that can cause damaging effects on your pipes and the appliances in your home. The buildup can instigate costly plumbing repairs on the pipes in your home and this in turn will make your appliances have to work harder and wear them out faster requiring you to make costly replacements.

When your water is saturated with all of these unwanted minerals and chemicals it also causes your soap to be less effective which requires you to use more soap than you should need to, and we all know that laundry detergent is not cheap.

  • Help the Environment

Most people are concerned with our environment and love having easy ways to help reduce their carbon footprint. Adding a Home Water Filter is a great and easy way to just that.

About 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day, yes per day! Using a refillable water bottle can make a big impact on our planet and knowing that you have great quality water in your home will make you happy as well, not to mention the money you save by not buying the bottled water.

  • Remove or Reduce Mineral Buildup

There are many minerals in our water that can mineral buildup and limescale. This buildup is not just unsightly it can cause your water to taste bad and is also the culprit for the buildup in your pipes and appliances that causes damage and repairs. Having a in Home Water Filter can help to reduce or eliminate these unwanted minerals

  • Clothes Last Longer and Look Better

The access chorine and the minerals in our water cause our clothes to fade and wear out faster and even feel dingy. Clothes are not cheap so adding a Water Filter in your home will help protect that favorite shirt.

  • Great-Tasting Water from Your Faucet

One of the biggest benefits of having an in-Home Water Filter is the fact that you have great tasting water in your own home. Better quality water for you and your family to drink and cook with and if you get a whole-home system you have better quality water in all faucets in your home which makes better, healthier water for showers and baths. 

  • Safer Water with Fewer Contaminants

Overall in one way or another, the water in your home comes in contact with your family every day in one way or another. When the water gets to your home it has been through treatment facilities and is considered safe for consumption and overall use, but there are still many contaminants that are left that can have harmful side effects to not only your plumbing but your health. We already discussed the minerals that are left behind and the harmful effects that they can have on you home but there are also harmful chemicals that are bad for our health. You can check your cities water quality and find out how they do on the water tests and the amounts and levels of chemicals and contaminants that are still present in our water. This will likely have you searching out Home Water Filter quotes quickly.

There a numerous Benefits of a Home Water Filter. You save money, which of course everyone loves, help mother nature, make your clothes look better and last longer and increase the life of your appliances. These money-saving benefits are undeniable, but you can also enjoy better-quality water in your home which better than saving money. Knowing that your family is consuming and absorbing the best quality water available is the greatest benefit of all.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get a Home Water Filter then give us a call today. We will answer all of your questions on the different types of systems out there today and what will work best for your family’s needs. We look forward to doing business together.

Phoenix Water Softener Systems

Phoenix Water Softener

Hard water and the Phoenix Valley go hand in hand. Our water travels through a large number of rocks and minerals before it reaches our homes. The majority of our water comes from the Salt River, Verde River, and some from the Colorado River and aquifers. As the water travels through these mineral-rich areas the water absorbs the dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals which is what makes the water hard. Hard water is not uncommon and in fact, is extremely common. The degree of hardness varies from state to state, city by city, and can even vary by neighborhoods. The good news is that even though we have hard water, we do not have to…it is treatable.

No matter if you have slightly hard water or even extremely hard water adding a water softener or water conditioner can help to get rid of the effects of hard water. There are many Phoenix Water Softener companies out there and choosing which one can be an overwhelming task. We are here to help give you a few pointers on what some of the differences are in the types of systems to help you decide what system is best for your needs.

There are three main types of Phoenix Water Softener Systems, of course, there are other types, but these are the 3 most common choices. There are salt-based softeners, non-salt based softeners also called water conditioners, and reverse osmosis systems.

The Salt Based Water Softener

The salt system is an extremely common system and 10 years ago was the go-to choice for the Phoenix Water Softener system solution. This system is an ion exchange system. The salt is used in exchange for hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This ion exchange works for making the water soft but does add excess sodium to our water that your body does not need. To combat this many people will add an extra under the sink filter or R/O system to then filter out some of this excess sodium and other contaminants. These salt-based systems also are wasteful on water and considered harmful to the environment. Some areas have banned then due to the waste and harmfulness, be sure you check to make sure you are allowed to have one in your area before purchasing.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

A Reverse Osmosis system is a water filtration system that removes contaminants and dissolved minerals in the water by sending the water through a filter. They will remove some of the calcium and magnesium that are the main culprits for your hard water issues but not as significant as other types of Phoenix Water Softener systems.

Non-Salt based systems

One of the main benefits of a salt-free Phoenix Water Softener system is the fact that you are not adding in any excess sodium to your water.  You are also leaving the calcium and magnesium, only in a different form, which is actually minerals that are beneficial for you to have.

Magnesium and calcium both play important roles in our bodies functioning properly, so it is actually more beneficial for us to leave those minerals in our water for us to drink and absorb through showers and baths. I am sure you are then wondering how we can keep these minerals in the water and yet still make our water softer since they are the main culprits for causing hard water.

H2o Concepts System

At H2o Concepts, we have patented a new way to make your hard water problems disappear and still leave the vital minerals in your water. Our Amp Force technology has made our Whole Home Water Filtration Systems the best on the market today. We use energy to convert hard water minerals into a soluble form. This way we are still able to benefit from the calcium and magnesium but in their soluble form, the minerals are unable to cause the effects of hard water. Our system has been rated the “greenest” system on the market so you can rest easy knowing that you are not wasting water or polluting mother nature.

If you are looking for the best Phoenix Water Softener out there today, then you need to call us H2o Concepts and will come out and see what system that you need to fit your family’s needs and your budget needs. Call us today at 1.888.275.4261 or fill out our contact form HERE. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Do I Need a Whole House Water Filtration System In Arizona?

Do I Need a Whole House Water Filtration System in Arizona?

This is a very common question and here at H2o Concepts we have broken it down so you can understand what it is, why you need one, and how ours differs from the competition. Like most household appliances all water systems are not created equal and there are so many different companies, models, and brands to choose from. To top that off there are many different styles to choose from.

So, What Is a Whole House Water Filtration System?

Basically, a Whole House Water Filtration System is exactly that, it is a water filtration system that is set up to filter out the impurities that are in the water that is entering your entire home. This way you have clean filtered water in your washer, dishwasher, icemakers, showers, and sinks; and they all have great tasting, great quality water flowing through them.

Do I really Need a Whole House Water Filtration System in Arizona?

Honestly, yes. Even though the water is safe to drink and meets EPA standards there are still many chemicals and contaminants in the water that can cause long-term harmful effects.  The water in your city is treated to kill deadly viruses like cholera, typhoid, and other deadly contaminates with chemicals like chlorine. This does the job of killing off these deadly contaminates but you really do not want to drink chlorinated water on a daily basis, nor do you really want to be bathing in it.

Why is an under the counter filtration system not sufficient? Simple, that system is only filtering the water to the specific faucet that is hooked up to. So yes, you may be getting great clean filtered water in your sink, but you are still washing clothes, dishes, and your bodies with chlorinated and contaminated water.

The water in Arizona is also extremely hard and hard water is harmful to your pipes and appliances as well as your skin and hair. Hard water damage can be costly to replace when it comes to the plumbing in your house or having to purchase new appliances.

How IS H2o Concepts Whole House Water Filtration System Different Than the Competition?  At H2o we have designed our own patented system. This is a salt-free water conditioning system combined with a state-of-the-art water filtration system and all in one space-saving tank.

Amp Force Technology

Our Patented Whole House Water Filtration System is powered by our Amp Force Technology. This process starts off by using energy to convert the hard water mineral calcium and magnesium into their soluble form. This process allows these necessary minerals to remain in your water without causing the hard water effects that the minerals cause in the natural state. This is a major difference that our systems have that others do not. This process does not add any unnecessary sodium to your water and does not require the wasteful and harmful backwashing process of other systems.

The second part of our Whole House Water Filtration System is the filter. We use a specialized water treatment media mixture. This will eliminate or reduce the amount of chlorine, minerals, and contaminants found in your water supply.

We are also the most certified green system on the market and made here in the USA. Our systems are virtually maintenance-free, with no monthly salt bags or even yearly filters to change out. Get it installed and forget about it.  We know that you will be satisfied and love our product and we know it will provide your home or office with the great tasting, great quality water that you are looking for and that is why we back our Whole House Water Filtration System with a 10-year no-nonsense warranty.

What is My First Step?

The first step is to give us a call at 623.582.5222 or fill out our contact form HERE and we can set up a call. We will send out a representative to come and test your water for you if you would like and then we can discuss your needs and find a system that will fit those needs and your budget. We look forward to talking to you today.

New Safety Precautions

At H2o Concepts, we are committed to the safety of our customers and our employees and we want you to know that we are still installing our Whole House Water Filtration Systems and we have new procedures in place to keep everyone safe.

We want you to be able to freshest cleanest water possible and do not want our customers worried about our crew bringing any outside germs

All of our highly trained representatives will enter your homing wearing masks, gloves, and shoe covers. Our representatives will adhere to the social distancing standard of 6 feet apart at all times when possible. All materials that will be brought into your home will be properly sanitized after each appointment.

Here are some current recommendations to protect you from getting sick.

  • Avoid contact with anyone who is sick.
  • Stay home if you are or may be sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze. Preferably with a disposable tissue and discard immediately after use.
  • Avoid touching your face if possible.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap.
  • If soap is unavailable use hand sanitizer.
  • Frequently clean or disinfect highly touched surfaces and objects.
  • Wear a mask in places where social distancing standards are not always possible, like a grocery store.

Since the outbreak and quarantine, we have learned that many jobs are possible to perform from home even those that we were previously told were not possible. Many large employers are now looking at how they will change to move forward and for many, it will be working from home or remotely more often.

Many people are finding themselves in this situation and many home improvements stores have been extremely busy with people using this opportunity to make upgrades and additions to their homes.

Here at H2o Concepts, we have had a high volume of people interested in now making that jump to getting a Whole House Water Filtration System or upgrading from an older model or switching from an outdated salt system. If you find yourself in this category, we would love to talk to you.

Our Whole House Water Filtration Systems are different than the rest. We use our patented Amp Force Technology to break down the hard water molecules that cause hard water. The water is then filtered through our high-quality filtration system to bring you amazing quality water from every tap inside your home.  Our systems are virtually maintenance-free, are made right here in the USA in Phoenix Arizona, and come with a 10-year no-nonsense warranty.

If you would like more information on one of our Whole House Water Filtration Systems or any of our other products you can contact us HERE or give us a CALL and we would love to talk to you about your needs and the best product to fit your needs and your budget. We look forward to talking to you and hope for the chance to earn your business.