WT5 SS EXT Hard Water Scale Prevention System

Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Backwash Required
  • No Wasted Water
  • Proven to reduce hard water problems
  • Dramatically less scale build-up
  • No Salt or Potassium to buy
  • No filters to change
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • Amp Force™ Technology
  • No Nonsense 10 year warranty

The H2o Concepts WT5 SS ueses a patented, certified proven technology called the AMP Force™. The AMP Force™ electronics generate pulses to break the calcium bicarbonate and the magnesium bicarbonate into a water soluble, non-adherent form of calcium and magnesium carbonate. In the soluble state these two minerals cannot adhere to the inner surfaces of the pipes or fixtures.

Since the crystalline form of the bicarbonate is permanently changed in the process, residue left behind when water is allowed to evaporate on surfaces like sink decks, faucets, or glass is easily removed with a damp paper towel or cloth. The life of all water using appliances will be extended as a result of the lack of scale in areas like pump impellers and pipes. The AMP Force™ will also descale any existing build-up over time.

The WT5 SS Stainless Steel is used on well and extreamley hard water.

Every system is manufactured by H2o Concepts in our Phoenix, AZ (USA) facility. Systems can be built to meet your specific requirements at your home or business. “Water” has a different set of properties from one area to another; that is why it is so important to have the correct water treatment or conditioner that is based on your water. The H2o Concepts products carry one of the longest warranties available: a “10 Year Warranty”.

Specifications / Options

Supply: up to 1.25 inch

Size: 8” wide and 25” long

PSI: 75 (max)

GPM: 22

Watts: 18

Volts: Standard 110 V / 0.72 Amps
Available 220 V / 0.36 AMPS



KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) is certified by ANSI/NSF standards 42 and 61 for drinking water system components.

How the H2o Concepts WT5 SS EXT  system works:

This is the all-in-one system…

Amp Force

Instead of exchanging the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate for sodium or potassium (ion exchange) like a water softener, the Amp force Technology concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the minerals. In their bicarbonate form, these minerals form on one-another causing buildup with-in plumbing and result in premature failure of water using appliances.

Calcium and magnesium bicarbonate crystals are insoluble, but can be changed by temperature (energy) into the soluble form of carbonate crystals.
The photo below shows bicarbonate crystals you can see the clumping of the crystals, this shows the buildup inside your plumbing system.

Calcium Bicarbonate (Calcite)

Calcite is a type of calcium carbonate crystal that is soluble and has a rhombohedral (dog-tooth like) shape. These crystals are small, very adherent and still create deposits in plumbing and fixtures. Typically, boiling water will convert bicarbonate crystals to this form of carbonate crystal. An example would be the hard-to-remove white residue left inside a pan when water is boiled down on a stove.

Calcium Carbonate (Aragonite)
Calcium Carbonate (Aragonite)

Aragonite is a type of calcium carbonate that is soluble and has an acicular (needle like) shape. These crystals are very small, but not adherent. It is this non-adherent form that is created by the AMPFORCE™ Technology.

The AMP Force system sends a computer-controlled high frequency pulse between 2300 and 4200 times per second to (a positive and negative low voltage impulse that is between a stainless steel anode and stainless steel cathode) as water passes the pulses break up the calcium and magnesium crystals.

This adds up to a great water treatment system that provides you with…

  • Great tasting water at every faucet
  • No chlorine in the shower
  • Healthier Skin and Hair
  • Proven to reduce hard water problems
  • No Salt or Potassium to buy
  • No filters to change
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • No-nonsense 10 Year Warranty

Salt vs. Non-Salt

This is comparing the benefits of using a Non-Salt water treatment system to a traditional salt-based (ion exchange) water softening system. The two most important advantages to the Non-Salt system are:

1. The Non-Salt system does not require the addition of Sodium or Potassium Chloride to the water. Therefore you are not drinking, cooking, showering or bathing with sodium or potassium chloride laden water.

2. The major advantage is that the important minerals, Calcium and Magnesium, are left in the water which are important for the development and maintenance of a healthy body.

In the News: Traditional water softeners are now being banned in several states due to the heavy brine discharge from their backwash; more states are adopting this movement yearly.

Hard Water

H2o Concepts is a U.S. Patented, Proven, Environmentally Friendly and Certified system to address hard water issues. We can define “hard water” as “water” that contains more than 1 GPG (grains per gallon) of dissolved minerals. (Usually calcium, magnesium).

Old Technology…
Exchanges the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate for sodium or potassium (ion exchange) like a water softener. These minerals in their natural form cause buildup in plumbing, and may result premature failure of water using appliances.

Our Technology…
The H2o Concepts Ampforce Technology™ concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the Calcium and Magnesium. In their natural form these minerals are insoluble. The H2o Concepts system uses energy to change the bicarbonate crystals, resulting into a soluble form.