Testimonial from the President of KDF:

I am the President of KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. (“KDF”), a national specialty water treatment technology company located in Michigan. I have been involved in the water treatment industry for ten years. I am certified as a water treatment specialist at the highest certification level (Category VI) by the Water Quality Association (“WQA”). Furthermore, I am a member of the Education Services Committee at the WQA, as well as the Shower Filter Certification Committee at NSF International. KDF is a member of the Water Quality Association and its technology is certified by NSF International.

On January 9th, 2001, KDF tested the electronic component of the AMP Force , which is sold by H2O Concepts International, Inc. KDF operates a fully equipped laboratory managed by a highly educated and expertly trained water treatment specialist. KDF provides testing services to prospective and current clients free of charge.

In this situation, the tests were developed to verify claims made by H2O Concepts International, Inc regarding the effectiveness of the electronic component of the H2O Concepts System to reduce hardness scale (associated with water). Based on the tests, KDF concluded that the electronic component effectively sequesters hardness scale and minimizes the formation of hardness crust associated with minerals in the water. The test was limited to verifying the ability of the electronic component to prevent scale build up on surfaces and pipes.

As you know, the water treatment industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the global market. Innovation to provide a diverse technology choice has increased substantially in the last decade. I view the AMP Force as a solid choice provided to consumers who wish to minimize scale build up in pipes and appliances without removing the hardness minerals from water. (I site additional reasons as to why I recommend the system in the paragraphs below.)

The primary technology designed to remove hardness minerals from water is ion exchange resin, usually identified as a water softener. Water softeners are effective and have proven technology that has been in practical use for decades.

There are, however, effective alternatives to traditional water softeners. The AMP Force is one of the more innovative alternatives currently available on the market. We should not limit the options available to the consumer or stifle innovation simply because systems such as the AMP Force provide competition to the more established and traditional water softeners….

I am happy to further discuss the electronic component of the AMP Force system and the other components such as KDF 55 media and activated carbon with you via telephone or in person. In any event, suffice to say the AMP Force with filtration is an effective and complete water treatment system…Anybody who claims otherwise either has not tested the system or simply does not understand it. In that regard, I would urge my fellow professionals to consider embracing alternate water treatment systems, like the AMP Force alongside the traditional water softeners.

Sincerely yours,
Issa Al-Kharusy President