About H2O Concepts

We, H2O Concepts distinguishes ourselves from other companies through our patented technology, which combines multiple water treatment techniques in one system. Our approach addresses a wider range of water quality concerns compared to other water system companies, providing comprehensive solutions for whole-house water filtration and conditioning. Additionally, H2O Concepts often highlights the durability, efficiency, and low maintenance requirements of its systems, offering customers a hassle-free experience and long-term value. We specialize in City, Community Well, and Well Water for residential and commercial use.

H2o Concepts was established in 1991 and incorporated in 2000, with a vision of providing residential and business owners with the best water conditioning and treatment systems. In 1996, H2o Concepts discovered a technology that was developed a decade earlier in Germany. This new technology would be called ” AMPFORCE™ Technology” by H2o Concepts. H2o Concepts combined the “AMPFORCE™ Technology” and their existing H2o Concepts “specialized water treatment media mixture” to make up the new water conditioning and treatment system. By using two technologies together it created a water conditioning and treatment system that provides homes and businesses with safer, healthier, and great tasting water. Our systems are also environmentally friendly. The H2o Concepts systems are patented and certified to give you the highest water quality conditioning and Arizona Whole House Filter Systems available and our systems are the most certified green system on the market.

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H2o Concepts International Inc., Company Information and Facts

  • In Business since 1991
  • Patented Technology for Hard Water Conditioning
  • Our systems are manufactured at our location in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Installers are direct employees of H2o Concepts
  • We operate our own service and installation vehicles
  • We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor
  • We have the most certified green systems on the market