When comparing the benefits of using a Non-Salt water treatment system to a traditional salt-based (ion exchange) water softening system. The two most important advantages to the Non-Salt system are 1. The Non-Salt system does not require the addition of Sodium or Potassium Chloride to the water. Therefore you are not drinking, cooking, showering or bathing with sodium or potassium chloride laden water. 2. The major advantage are that important minerals, Calcium and Magnesium are left in the water for the body to absorb and make use of. The body requires these specific minerals for good health. Other advantages of using H2o Concepts Non-Salt system include 1. No Maintenance 2. No salt or potassium to buy 3. No additional equipment to buy to remove the salt from the drinking water 4. The convenience of being able to fill a glass with great tasting water from every faucet in the home. Traditional water softeners are now being banned in several states due to the heavy brine discharge from their backwash, more states are adopting this movement. The municipal wastewater treatment plants were never designed to remove salt from the water. So all of the salt, that was added to the water in the (water softening) ion-exchange process is discharged into the sewer system during the backwash process.

ION Exchange Process vs. H2o Concepts

Ion exchange is the process through which ions in a solution are transformed into a solid which release ions of a different type but of the same polarity. This means that the ions in solutions are replaced by different ions (salt or potassium) originally present. The physical separation process when ions exchanged they are not chemically altered. Water that contains calcium and magnesium ions is referred to as “hard water”. Hard water not only has an unappealing taste and odor, but it can also be unhealthy for you to drink. Hard water can cause scale build-up inside your appliances that the hard water touches this will decrease the life expectancy of those appliances. H2o Concepts’ Arizona Whole House Water Filter Systems do not use an ion exchange process to treat your hard water, our systems use our patented AMP-Force Technology. Our technology is one of the best ways to treat hard water. Our system if environmentally friendly. Watch our video for more information.