Arizona Registrar of Contractors

What is the purpose of the AZROC?

To promote quality construction by Arizona contractors though a licensing and regulatory system designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Agency Description

The Registrar of Contractors (ROC) was established in 1931. The ROC licenses and regulates residential and commercial contractors. The licensing process consists of reviewing license applications and issuing licenses to qualified applicants. The regulatory process consists of investigating and facilitating the resolution of complaints against licensed and unlicensed contractors. Complaints against licensed contractors that go unresolved may result in discipline of licenses. Complaints against unlicensed contractors may result in criminal convictions; including jail time, fines, and restitution.
In 1981, the Legislature established the Residential Contractors’ Recovery Fund as a function within the ROC. Statute requires residential contractors provide $200,000 for consumer protection. This protection may be established by (a) furnishing a $200,000 surety bond or cash deposit, or (b) paying the required assessment to participate in the Recovery Fund. Like a surety bond or cash deposit, the Recovery Fund reimburses homeowners for poor workmanship or non-performance by a licensed residential contractor. Currently the assessment to participate in the recovery fund is $300 the first year and $150 every year thereafter. The maximum liability for the Recovery fund is $200,000 per license and $30,000 per person.
The ROC is a 90/10 agency. This means that the agency is funded by 90% of its licensing fees. The remaining 10% of licensing fees are deposited into the State General Fund. The ROC does not receive State General Fund money.

H2o Concepts License Information

H2o Concepts International Inc. is licenced with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors ( License No. ROC220416 ).

Our license class: C54 Water Conditioning Equipment

This classification allows the licensee to perform trenching, backfilling, and grading; and install and repair piping, fittings, valves, concrete supports, and electrical control panels of less than 25 volts and required grounding devices; as required for the licensee to install or repair:
1. Water conditioning equipment
2. Misting systems
3. Exchange tanks
4. Indirect waste pipe carrying brine, backwash and rinse water to the point of disposal