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You’ve heard that home water filters are good for you, but you want to learn more to see if it’s actually worth the investment. If you think you might not need a whole-house water filtration system because you currently use a pitcher of water with a built-in filter, then you may want to consider a few things. What’s in your water doesn’t just affect you when you drink it. There are Many Benefits of a Home Water Filter that you might not have considered before.

The water professionals at H2O Concepts have a great list of improvements that a home water filter provides. When you’re ready to start drinking clearly better water, contact H2O Concepts for your water test and free quote.

Better Taste

If you don’t like the taste of your water, a water filtration system will help. That’s probably why you have a pitcher with a water filter in it. But when you boil or steam vegetables in water, do you use water from your pitcher or water from the tap? When you have a whole-house water filtration system, it’s just like having the better-tasting water from your pitcher come out of every faucet in your house. 

Improved taste is one of the Many Benefits of A Home Water Filter. Cooking with filtered water has its advantages too. Coffee, tea, juice, ice, and other beverages that you mix with water will taste better. Food that has been boiled and steam in filtered water will be more flavorful. 

Less Waste

Many people that don’t like the taste of their water buy bottles of water instead of taking a drink from the tap. Bottled water not only costs extra, but plastic bottles create a lot of waste. When you enjoy the taste of water from your tap again, you’ll save money because you won’t need to purchase bottled water anymore.

H2O Concepts water filtration system doesn’t require salt like most home water filtration systems do. Our system uses KDF, Carbon, and Quartz filters. These mediums provide superior filtration and require very little maintenance. Our 10-year no-nonsense warranty guarantees that you’ll love our water filters more. With filters that use salt, you need to drain the brine from the filter every year. This saltwater is absorbed into the groundwater and can pollute the local watershed. H2O Concepts filters are environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. 

Cleaner Clothes, Skin, and Dishes

When your house has hard water, you may notice that soap doesn’t seem to work as well. Soap contains sodium salt from stearic acid. In soft water, this sodium dissolves easily. But in hard water, it binds to the calcium and magnesium ions and creates soap scum. This is why you may notice you need to use more soap when doing laundry, dishes, or even when washing your hair. 

When your house has a water filtration system paired with H2O Concepts patented AMP Force technology to eliminate hard water, your soap will be much more effective. You’ll notice that you’ll use less soap to do the same chores and your clothes, dishes, and hair will look just as clean, if not cleaner. 

Increases Longevity of Water Using Appliances and Pipes

Another one of the Many Benefits Of A Home Water Filter is an unseen one. Do you have showerheads and faucets that have inconsistent or low water pressure? Homes with hard water experience buildups of calcium and magnesium deposits in them in places like pipes, and appliances that use water. In pipes, the buildup can be so bad over time that they burst, which can cause large home repair bills. 

These buildups can cause insufficient water pressure, making them difficult to use. As buildup grows in appliances that use water, they become less efficient and can cause more power to work effectively, and may not last to their entire life potential. Eliminating the chemicals that create deposits in your appliances with a home water filtration system will help make your appliances and pipes last longer.

Healthier Water

As the water travels from the water treatment plant to your home, it picks up minerals from the earth and pipes along the way. A water filter system with superior filtration like the ones from H2O Concepts can remove chemicals and deposits from your water such as fluoride, chlorine, and other pharmaceuticals. These are added to the water to help promote dental health among other things. With a water filter from H2O Concepts, you’ll drink confidently because you know exactly what is in your water. 

Experience The Many Benefits of A Home Water Filter For Yourself

You don’t have to drink this water if you don’t want to. Just call H2O Concepts to start experiencing the Many Benefits of a Home Water Filter. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll find the best water filtration system for your home’s particular needs.