Do you know the many ways you and your family can benefit from a Home Water Filter?

There are Many Benefits of a Home Water Filter that make adding one to your home or office more than worth it. A Home Water Filter can make a big difference in the quality of water you have entering your home. You can drastically change the smell, taste, and reduce or eliminate unwanted chemicals, minerals, and harmful contaminants that are in our tap water.

How can contaminates be in our water?

The United States has some of the safest water in the world and the water that enters your home is treated and is safe for human consumption, but if you do some searching about the water in your area and even test the water in your home you may be shocked at what you find. Our public waters do have excess amounts of minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and other possibly harmful contaminants. Our groundwater supply becomes contaminated over time by chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers for plants and grass, gas, oil, salts for roads, old medicines people dispose of improperly, and other harmful substances can all gradually make their way into our groundwater systems. There are many types of bacteria and other substances in our tap water that are generally not harmful. This is one of the best reasons to install a Home Water Filter in your home.

What does the Home Water Filter Do?

Adding an In-Home Water Filter like one of the H2o Concepts Whole Home Water Filtration Systems can significantly improve the overall quality of the water inside of your home. An in-home Water Filtration System will filter out all the unwanted impurities, minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants that we do not want our families drinking or washing their bodies with. We cannot survive without water for very long, for us water literally is life and having the best water possible in our homes is very attainable. When I think about water and water quality the main thing that comes to mind is drinking water and more importantly bottled drinkning water. Drinking water is a very important part of the water in our homes and we definitely want to give our families and ourselves the best possible water to consume. Many people end up buying bottled water because they do not like the way the tap water in their home tastes or smells. Having a Home Water Filter can change the quality of the water in your tap to equal that of the bottled water that we all buy, in fact, the right Home Water Filter can even make it better! Drinking water is our first thought about the water in our home but we use the water in our homes for so much more. Cooking is a very important way in which we use water in our homes. Since the COVID Pandemic people have been cooking and eating at home more than ever. We use water in many recipes to boil, to poach, to dissolve ingredients, for making coffee, teas, and soups, and in many other ways. Water from your sink is used daily in some way or another in your kitchen and in the food and drinks that are prepared for your family. Cleaning is another way in which water is used in our homes daily. We use water in cleaning your dishes, whether you are washing your dishes by hand or in the dishwasher you are using water and a lot of it. This is one area where having excess minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water becomes apparent. The soap scum and spots leftover on your dishes after they are washed or the scale build-up around sinks and faucets is all part of the hard water problems caused by the excess minerals and installing a water softening/conditioning system in your home can help with these issues as well. The best part about the H2o Concept’s Whole Home Water Filtration Systems is that they tackle both problems and ride your house of hard water and filter out all of the unwanted contaminants in one tank. Baths and showers often get overlooked when thinking about the quality of water in our homes and this may be one of the most important reasons to consider adding a Home Water Filter.  Our skin is an organ and it is actually the largest organ of our body and it absorbs everything we put on it. Absorption through the body is actually one of the main ways in which harmful chemicals and other contaminants can enter our bodies. Adding an in-home Water Filter can help eliminate or reduce the number of harmful chemicals that are being absorbed into the skin of you and your family.

Why H2o Concepts

Adding a Water Filter to your home is an investment that you will not regret and can improve your overall water quality and well-being. The H2o Concept’s Whole House Water Filtration Systems are one of the best on the market and they will not disappoint. They are a salt-free water conditioner, so you have no heavy salt bags to lug around or tanks to refill. Our systems use our patented Amp Force Technology to rid your water of the unwanted effects of the hard water minerals. The second step in our systems is the filter. We use high-quality media to provide your home with only the best possible water quality and our system is a whole house system which means it will not just be top quality water from your kitchen sink, but from every faucet in your home. Give us a call today and we can help you decide what system is right for your home and your needs.