Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter

Are you a resident of Wickenburg, AR. that is looking to update your home with a Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter? Look no further than H2O Concepts! All of our whole house water filters are made in-house at our location in Phoenix and inspected closely to ensure that quality is perfect. Since 1991, H2O Concepts has been revolutionizing the way we filter water in our homes. H2O Concepts has the most environmentally friendly water filter on the market, and all of its technology is patented for hard water conditioning. If you are interested in having a whole house water filtration system installed, then contact H2O Concepts today to get in touch with one of our exceptional installers! 


Health Benefits of Having a Whole House Filter for Your Home 

Installing a Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter in your home means more than just giving you and your family crystal clear water, but oh so much more! Filtered water is great for your physical health as well as your house’s health. 

Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter improves hair and skin healthFiltered water is great for your skin and hair. Hard water has a lot of calcium that can build up over time on your hair and skin– causing them to dry out and become damaged. Using a whole house water filter removes all the bad contaminants from your water which means you get cleaner showers and feel cleaner afterward. 

For those with weakened immune systems, filtered water is ideal for you to use when you cook or drink from the tap. Unfiltered water can carry a lot of unhealthy bacteria and minerals that could make you sick. Using filtered water for all your basic needs and necessities can greatly improve your health and keep you from getting regularly sick. 

As for the health of your home, filtered water removes hard water elements thus allowing water to flow more freely throughout your pipes. Unfiltered water is notorious for causing build-up and clogging pipes. Hard water can also make your water an unhealthy pH level. Whole house water filters can improve your pH levels and greatly reduce corrosion. Hard water is known to age your pipes significantly, meaning that you will need to replace your piping sooner than if you had a Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter installed. Filtered water is known to extend the lifespan of your pipes by about 25%. 


Why Invest in a Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter? 

It’s important to invest in your home and one of the greatest investments you can make is deciding to install one of H2O Concepts’ Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter. Aside from the benefits previously stated in owning a whole house filter, the value of your home goes up when you have a whole house water filter installed. H2O Concepts’ whole house water filter system provides bottled-water quality water to your home the instant you turn on the tap. These filters reduce the taste and odor of chlorine found in unfiltered water and are ideal for homes that use well water without a water treatment facility to clean it. 

Thanks to our patented design, our water filter system does not require salt or potassium to filter out all the harsh chemicals and minerals in your water. We actually use Granular Activated Carbon, or GAC, in all of our filtering systems to attract organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals that can be found in water. It is healthier and you do not need to worry about doing a lot of maintenance on your filter. All of our filters are also maintenance-free, so you get to enjoy your filtered and crystal-clear water.  

If you want to do right by your home, we suggest you invest in one of our whole house water filtering systems today! Curious about our products? Check out our website to find a water filter that best suits your needs. 


Contact H2O Concepts for Your Whole House Water Filter Today! 

Why should you go with H2O Concepts? H2O Concepts is a licensed, bonded, and insured company. All of our installers and drivers are employed by H2O Concepts and we take pride in our company. We have the greenest certified whole house water filter system in the market and always looking for ways to bring filtered and clean water to your home. 

Are you convinced that you need to get a Wickenburg Whole House Water Filter? Then you need to contact H2O Concepts to talk to one of our installers and schedule your installation.