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Looking for whole house water filters?
H2o Concepts offers water scale prevention and water filter systems. To Schedule an Appointment and take advantage of our Special Offers Contact H2o Concepts by phone at 623-582-5222.
H2o Concepts Whole House Water Filtration system can balance your pH levels and reduce the chlorine. Enjoy safer, healthier water from every faucet in your home. You do not need to soften your water to treat your water! H2o Concepts System treats and conditions your water....

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Customer Feedback

H2o Customer Feedback!

We needed a water system, Our water was terrible and we were tired of buying bottled water.
Surprise, AZ
We wanted a whole house system that did not change the PH and left minerals in the water while removing contaminants
Surprise, AZ
I was not happy with old water system! I can tell the difference already with our new H2o concepts system, my hair and skin are better and can drink the water! Love it
Casa Grande, AZ
Comparing other systems, we found H2o concepts to be the most effective system. We were concerned about chlorine and contaminants in water from the existing salt system.
Scottsdale, AZ
Very Impressed with the system the water Tastes Great!
Gilbert, AZ
A friend suggested the H2o Concepts unit I have always bought bottled water I was also concerned with contaminants.
Cave Creek, AZ
Wanted chlorine free, salt free and chemical clean water did not care for ro system.
Kingman, AZ
I was concerned about mineral buildup in pipes also like the idea of whole house system instead of one point of service with the RO.
Scottsdale, AZ
I wanted good water and No Salt
Apache Junction, AZ
I used a water softener for years and I am tired of putting in the salt!
Clarkdale, AZ
We wanted drinkable healthly water our water tasted terrible and we could not drink our water before, we installed the H2o concepts system.
Arizona City, AZ
The water tasted like chemicals before We choose this system because No Salt and research showed it worked!
Glendale, AZ
My husband wanted a salt free system- I wanted more room under my sink I also wanted Crystal Clean Glasses from the Dishwasher
Scottsdale, AZ

I wanted Clean Fresh Water without contaminants and NO Added Salt but with the minerals left in- I am most happy with this system Thank You!
Gilbert, AZ

This is our second unit after 16 years we ordered new unit at the home show.
Scottsdale, AZ

These comments are from our customer feedback forms. These comments have been made by H2o Concepts customers.

Are you loking for whole house water filters? H2o Concepts offers water scale prevention and water filter systems. To Schedule an Appointment and take advantage of our Special Offers Contact H2o Phone: 623-582-5222

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Our Technology

H2o Concepts AMP Force prevents scaling problems associated with "Hard Water" electronically! Instead of exchanging the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate for sodium or potassium (ion exchange) like a water softener. Our patented, proven technology...

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H2o Concepts Whole House Water Filter

The Most Certified Green System on the Market!

We are a manufacturer of whole house water treatment and conditioning equipment.
Our water systems DO NOT use salt or potassium to treat / condition your water.

H2o Concepts System Features

  • Great Tasting Water at Every Faucet

  • No Chlorine in your Taps or Showers

  • Contaminants are Reduced or Eliminated

  • Maintenance Free

  • No Salt or Potassium Chloride added to your water

  • Reduce Scale Buildup

  • pH Balanced Water

  • and so much more...

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H2o Concepts Kick the Salt Rebate Program

H2o Concepts $250.00 rebate offer. Rebate applies when you buy a H2o Concepts whole house system directly from us the manufacture.

Instant rebate of $250.00 off any new H2o Concepts whole house system at time of purchase*.

Add in the extra savings of the $250.00 rebate when you replace an existing self- regenerating salt-using water softener with an H2o Concepts system

City of Scottsdale Rebate offer is helping Kick the Salt.
Expired Rebate

But H2o Concepts is still "Kicking the Salt"

Contact us 623-582-5222

Whole House Water Treatment

H2o Concepts patented technology is part of the H2o Concepts whole house water conditioning and treatment systems.

H2o Concepts water systems reduce the objectionable taste and odor of chlorine and chloramines without removing essential and healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Our Amp Force™ systems reduce scale buildup inside plumbing and...

World Eco-Friendly  Uses No Salt or Potassium
World Eco-Friendly  Bottled Water quality in your home
World Eco-Friendly  Maintenance Free
World Eco-Friendly  The Most Certified Green System on the Market

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H2o Concepts Whole House Water Treatment A true eco-freindly system.

Green Leaf H2o Concepts - The Most Certified Green System on the Market!

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