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Hard water plagues the Phoenix area. Homes all over the area suffer from hard water. A common solution for hard water is having a water softener installed. H2O Concepts Phoenix Water Softener systems have many great benefits. You’ll notice the difference right away when you can rid your home of hard water.

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Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

Hard water affects more than just the taste of your water. You might actually enjoy the taste of your water and find that it is still hard. How can you tell if your home has hard water? There are many signs of hard water throughout your home.

If you notice spotty dishes after they’ve come out from the dishwasher, those spots are caused by hard water. Do you see stripes in your toilet bowl,  but can’t get them out no matter how hard you scrub? They are caused by hard water. If you find that you have to use extra soap to get clothes, hair, and dishes clean, hard water is the reason.

Hard water is when calcium and magnesium are in the water. These chemicals react differently with soap and other cleaning products. The soap contains sodium salt from stearic acid. In soft water, this sodium dissolves easily. But in hard water, it binds to the calcium and magnesium ions and creates soap scum. This is why you may notice you need to use more soap when doing laundry, dishes, or even when washing your hair.

The H2O Concepts Difference

Having a Phoenix Water Softener installed in your home will make a big difference, but how do you know which one is best for your home? There are many different water softeners and filtration systems out there, and many of them do the same thing. However, H2O Concepts found a new way to soften your water without the use of salt.

We start with one of our intense water filtration systems. Our filters use activated carbon, KDF, and quartz to remove harmful chemicals from the water. The result is water that tastes and feels better coming out of every tap in your home. Then we add our patented AMP Force Technology to soften the water. The Amp Force™ concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the Calcium and Magnesium. In their natural form, these minerals are insoluble. The H2o Concepts system uses energy to change the bicarbonate crystals, to change them into a soluble form. These minerals in a soluble form are left in the water leaving in the vital Calcium and Magnesium making H2o Concepts water non-acidic.

Traditional water softening systems use salt to filter out the magnesium and calcium ions. While this may work fine, it does require frequent refilling of your salt tank, and then once a year or so you’ll need to flush your system, draining the saltwater into your local watershed. Our AMP Force technology requires no bags of salt and very little maintenance. We back our claims up with a 10-Year No-Nonsense warranty, so you know that you made the right choice.

Benefits of Having a Phoenix Water Softener

Many people want to have a Phoenix Water Softener installed because they don’t like the taste of their water. A water softener will help fix the taste of your water, but there are many other benefits as well. If you’re buying bottled water or using a pitcher with water, you probably only use that water for drinking. When you have a water softener installed, it’s like the water that tastes great in the bottles now comes out of all your taps. Now imagine boiling or steaming vegetables with filtered water, or making beverages like coffee and tea with filtered water. Better water will help your drinks and food taste better too!

Earlier we mentioned how soap reacts with hard water, leaving behind scum and spots. With softened water, your soap will react better. Making dishes spotless, hair more manageable, skin softer, and clothes cleaner. Not only does a Phoenix Water Softener improve the efficiency of soap, but it also improves the effectiveness of your appliances. Your washing machine, dishwasher, hot water heater, pipes, and faucets will no longer be clogged with hard water deposits. You’ll notice better water pressure, as well as a more effective clean in your home.

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