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Phoenix Water Softening Systems can make water from the tap taste and smell betterHard water is something that plagues Phoenix area homes. Many homes currently have a water softening system installed to help their water taste and smell better. Most water softening systems require big bags of salt. This salt is used to create a brine solution that attracts the calcium and magnesium deposits and removes them from the water that comes out of your taps. However, there are downsides to using Phoenix Water Softening Systems that use salt.

H2o Concepts has a patented design on a salt-free water softening system that our customers love. When paired with our water filtration systems, you’ll notice that the water flowing from your taps is clearly better. It will taste better, smell better, and clean better than before. To experience the H2o Concepts difference, schedule your free appointment today to learn more about the Phoenix Water Softening Systems we have to offer.

The Pros of a Phoenix Water Softening Systems That Don’t Require Salt

Most traditional water softening systems require salt. This is called an Ion-exchange filter and it works well at attracting the particles that make water hard. However, the salt tank that comes with your water softener needs to be refilled on a regular basis. This involves buying big bags of salt and lifting them into the tank. This process can be strenuous, especially for older people.

H2o Concept's Water Softeners do not require saltThere are two other big downsides to having a salt-brine water softener. The first being that the saltwater, when drained, can pollute the local watershed. A watershed is where the groundwater flows into a body of water. If this freshwater source is polluted with salt water, it could cause issues with local wildlife and aquatic environments.

Older Arizonians with high blood pressure may be watching their sodium levels. A recent study found that with a saltwater water softener, the salt remained in the water and could still be in the water when it comes out of the faucet. People would then ingest the salt when they drank it or absorbed it in their skin while they were showering. If you’re concerned about having salt in your water filtration system, then you should consider getting a salt-free Phoenix Water Softening Systems from H2o Concepts.

H2o Concepts AMP Force Technology

Rather than using salt, H2o Concept’s Phoneix Water Softening Systems use our patented AMP Force Technology. Our system charges the magnesium and calcium molecules that make hard water and make them soluble in water. As a result, the water is non-acidic. We first combine our water softener technology with our whole house water filtration system. This system has a 3-part filter The filter in the H2o Concepts Water Softening Systemsthat doesn’t require any salt and requires very little maintenance.

  • The Media – The KDF media is designed specifically for reducing or removing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals from the water. It controls scale, bacteria, algae even in hot water.
  • The Carbon – our carbon filters are made with organic materials with high carbon content. We use granular coconut shells to absorb natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals in the water. The carbon revitalizes the water to its natural purity.
  • The Quartz – The quartz filter sits at the bottom of the tank and acts as a regulator for the system. This ensures that the water flows evenly throughout the system and is filtered for the proper amount of time.

Our technology is very effective. We also offer a 10-year no-nonsense warranty to cover the life of your system.

Money-Saving Benefits

Deposits from water can build up in pipes over timeWhen you have a Phoenix Water Softening System from H2o Concepts installed in your home, you’ll start saving money right away. The biggest money saver is with our system, you don’t have to buy bags of salt anymore.

When your water doesn’t contain calcium and magnesium ions anymore, you’ll see that your soap will react better with your water. You’ll notice more suds and less soap scum. It’s not just soap. Laundry detergent, shampoo, and dishwasher soap will all react better with your cleaner water. This means you’ll need to use fewer of these products to get the same level of cleanliness. If you’ve taken your clean glasses out of the dishwasher and find they were covered in spots, that’s because of the hard water deposits. With a new salt-free water softener, those spots will be a thing of the past.

The deposits in the water settle in places like pipes, tanks, and appliances. This build-up can cut the lifespan of your appliances short. A water softener can help extend the life of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and hot water heaters. You may also notice an improvement in water pressure. When deposits build up in pipes, they slow the flow of water and can clog showerheads and faucets. When your water is clean and clear, it flows better and won’t cause buildup over time.

Call to Have Your Phoenix Water Softening Systems Installed In Your Home

If you’re ready to start experiencing clearly better water in your home, then contact H2o Concepts for your free in-home estimate for a new Phoenix Water Softening Systems. One of our water experts will test your water and listen to your concerns to find the ideal solution to meet your water quality needs. Call us today to learn more.