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Are you trying to decide which water softener system is best for you? If you’re concerned about your sodium levels in your diet, as well as the effects of your wastewater on the environment, switching to an Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener might be the answer you’re looking for.  At H2O Concepts, we have many water softener options containing no salt. Reach out to us today to see how we can improve your water softening system today!

What Does An Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener Do?

When water comes into your house, it runs through a water softener.  Water softeners remove containments and odors from your water. A no-salt softener operates a little differently than a sodium-based water softener.  You will not need to buy salt or anything else to add to the system which makes it much more efficient and lower maintenance than the typical salt system.

In a salt system the calcium and magnesium ions that make water hard, attach to the resin and then there is an ion exchange of sodium for the calcium and magnesium. The mineral deposits cling to the resin and the now softened and sodium-filled water exits the softener tank and flows throughout the house.

You will notice a significant improvement in the taste of your water once it’s been filtered through your Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener rather than water that is filtered through a salt-based water softener.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of An Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener

People with high blood pressure or hypertension would benefit the most from switching off a sodium-based water softener. An Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener will eliminate excess sodium from your drinking water.

Environmentally conscious consumers will be happy to hear that switching to an Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener is also a great choice for the Earth. Many states are banning sodium water softeners because of the wastewater that comes from your drains contains sodium. This wastewater gets into the groundwater and local watersheds adding extra sodium to the ecosystem. Sodium in the groundwater can affect local water quality and can be harmful to the soil, vegetation, and aquatic life.

With an Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener, the wastewater from your house will contain no sodium.  Some towns collect wastewater to give it to farmers to help irrigate their crops. This is only possible with water that does not contain excess sodium.

Before switching to an Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softener you should give us a call and we will be happy to talk through all the options with you. If you are considering making the switch, be sure to weigh the extra costs with other systems as well as the benefits of going saltless.

The H2O Concepts Difference

If you’re considering alternative water softener options like an Arizona Best Non-Salt Water Softenerthen contact H2O Concepts today. We have a variety of water softener options for your home to keep your water tasting fresh and crisp.