Whole House Water Filtration System

Have you wondered what a Whole House Water Filtration System was and how it differs from a regular filtration system? We would love to help you answer these questions. At H2o Concepts, we are in the Whole House Water Filtration System business and know how confusing it can all be. For over 25 years we have been helping our customers in Arizona and across the country transform the water in their homes and businesses into better than bottled water quality, and right from the tap. Water is a necessity, there is no question there. We use water every day and almost every minute in America. We need water to live, clean, eat and we even use it to have fun. So, shouldn’t we have the best quality water possible? A water filtration system can make this possible.

Water Filtration

Water filtration can come in many forms. There are small types that fit on your faucet and on a gallon-sized pitcher. There are countertop and under the sink filters. There are refrigerator filters, reverse osmosis and then there are Whole House Water Filtration Systems. If you live in an apartment, small space you may want one of these smaller options that are mainly designed to filter only your drinking water. At H2o Concepts, we specialize in Whole House Water Filtration Systems, and a home filtration system can make a huge difference in the water in your home. Our water is filtered by city treatment centers but the water that passes these regulations is not always what you want for you or your family. There are several web sites that you can go to check how and see how your water scores in different areas. It shows which cities have had violations and in what areas. They will show you which contaminants are found in that city’s waters and other helpful and unsettling information. Basically, you will see that you want to further filter the water that will be entering your home. This way you can rest easy knowing that the excess chemicals and contaminants are being removed from the water your family will be drinking and bathing in. Our Whole House Water Filtration Systems are different than the competition. We are a salt-free system and combines our high-quality certified water filtration system with a state-of-the-art certified scale prevention system. We have combined both of these systems in one space-saving tank that is backed with a 10-year warranty.

Filtration Systems

The traditional salt system that is used to help reduce the hard water minerals in your water is becoming outdated. The salt system works in making getting rid of the hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause the hard water issue that we all hate. These systems do this by a process of ion exchange. This means simply that the sodium ions swap places with calcium and magnesium in your water. Removing these minerals is what makes the water “soft”. This ion exchange process unfortunately adds excess sodium to you drinking water which can cause problems for some people and in many cases requires an additional under the sink type filter like a reverse osmosis system to make the drinking water better quality. These salt systems are also not great for the environment due to a large amount of water waste and the excess sodium being added back into our environment. Some areas are actually banning the use of these salt-based systems.

How we are different

At H2o Concepts we are different, and we pride ourselves on ways in which our Whole House Water Filtration Systems stand apart from the competition.  Our Systems are made in the USA right here in Phoenix, Arizona and we are the most certified green system on the market. Our patented Amp Force Technology will give you the best quality water in your home and from every tap! Our Amp Force technology uses energy instead of sodium to convert the hard water minerals into their soluble form which helps to make your water “softer” while leaving the vital calcium and magnesium nutrients that your body needs in your water. The second part of whole house filtration systems if the top-quality filter. We use the best the only the best filtration media to ensure the best possible water for you and your family. Our system is as simple as it gets with no filters to change or heavy salt bags to purchase and tank to fill. We back our systems with a 10-year no-nonsense warranty because we know that you will love the fact that after we hook up the system, you get to forget about it and just enjoy the amazing water quality in your home. Better tasting, smelling water for drinking, cooking and bathing, and all with zero upkeep and maintenance on your part.

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