How soon after installing my H20 Concepts Whole House Water system will I notice results?

Immediately after installing your H20 Concepts Arizona Whole House Water Filter System you will notice a significant improvement in the taste of your water. The descaling effects will begin to be noticeable as the treated water gets into all of the plumbing in your home including replacing the water already in your water heater. Within 24-48 hours after installation of your H20 Concepts Whole House Water system you will notice the start of improvements in your water. The following outline will give you a guide as to what improvements to expect and when you should see them. The timeline in your home or office may be somewhat different due to water use patterns.

1st Week

Shampoos, soaps, and detergents will “suds up” much quicker and richer than with untreated water.Skin and hair will feel cleaner and silkier.
The performance of soaps, detergents, and cleaners will be increased by as much as 50°/o or more

Water from every faucet will be cleaner, clearer and taste great.

2nd Week

Sinks, toilets, and showers will be easier to wipe clean and will stay clean longer.
Clothes will feel softer and whites will be whiter than when laundered in untreated water.

3rd Week

Scale deposits will begin to dissolve from the inner walls of your pipes, showerheads, faucets, water heater, and other water appliances. The majority of the particles will be microscopic and flow right through your water system, but some small harmless particles may be noticed.

Long Term Effects

  • No more Bottled water to buy.
  • No salt to buy or maintenance to worry about.
  • Inside of pipes and water appliances will be descaled and remain scale-free protecting your home from future damage.
  • Longer life to your water heater and other water using appliances.
  • Lower energy usage due to not having scale build up on inner liners of the water heater.
  • Your clothes will last longer by reducing the damaging effects of the detergent residue in the wash.