Tucson Water Filter

The water that you drink every day affects your entire body, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. That’s why it’s so important to choose drinking water that doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants, and the best way to ensure this is to invest in a Tucson water filter that covers your entire home. This guide covers what contaminants you need to filter out of your drinking water and how a home water filtration system can help you achieve that goal.

What’s In Our Drinking Water?

As a result of municipal water treatment programs, many dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are already being removed from our tap water. However, studies have shown that a number of other potentially hazardous substances can be found in our drinking water.

These contaminants include various minerals, byproducts of industrial waste disposal, agricultural runoff, and even trace amounts of prescription medications. Although it’s safe to drink in small quantities, filtering your tap water with a Tucson water filter may be advisable, especially if you are sensitive to these contaminants or concerned about your family’s health.

How to Get Clean Drinking Water: Three Options

If you live in Tucson or anywhere else in Arizona, chances are pretty good that your drinking water needs filtering because it contains chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants that can affect the taste and make it difficult to enjoy a clean glass of H2o. Thankfully, there are a few options for getting clean drinking water, including bottled water, point-of-use filters, and whole house water filters. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1.   Bottled Water

We’re all familiar with plastic water bottles; it’s estimated that Americans use over 50 billion water bottles every year so it’s likely you’ve been using them for years to keep your family hydrated. While bottled water is certainly convenient, there are a number of drawbacks to using them. For one, the FDA doesn’t require certified testing on bottled water which means there’s no guarantee it’s any better than tap water. They’re also expensive and time-consuming to ship, can leach harmful chemicals into your water, and add to municipal waste with their disposable packaging.

2.   Point-Of-Use Filters

Point-of-use water filters are small, discreet filters that attach to your kitchen faucet or underneath your sink, filtering water as it flows through. Since they don’t require plumbing or complex installation, some point-of-use water filters are easy to swap out when they get clogged. They tend to be less expensive upfront compared to installing a whole house filtration system, but they don’t tend to last which can run up costs in the long term. Keep in mind, if you want filtered water throughout your home (not just at your kitchen sink), point-of-use systems won’t work for you—you’ll need a whole house model.

3.   Whole House Filtration System

A whole house water filter is connected to your water supply as it enters your home. This system filters out a wide range of contaminants, providing safe, refreshing water throughout your entire house.

The pros and cons of whole house water filters are too numerous to list here, but we will highlight a few of them. The biggest pro is that with a whole house filter system you will remove harmful contaminants from all of your tap water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and more. These systems can be easily installed by a professional in just a few hours and require little maintenance beyond the occasional filter change.

Why the Whole House Water Filter Is Best

When considering which water filter to buy, you’ll quickly notice that one option is noticeably better than the others. While all three options provide you with clean drinking water, only one supplies it to your entire home.

There’s also the cost to consider. Whole house filters need to be replaced far less often than point-of-use filters and require less maintenance.  Because of this, a whole house water filter will initially be more expensive, but when you figure long-term costs, it actually ends up being the more affordable option.

Not only does it make financial sense to purchase a whole house filter for your home, it makes environmental sense as well. This type of filtration lasts longer and therefore requires fewer replacements; each new filter also prevents thousands of plastic containers from being added to landfills or (worse) our oceans.

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