The water you drink comes from your local watershed. Freshwater collects in lakes, bays, or reservoirs and then is used by municipal water companies as its source for drinking water. The local water company will remove large sediments before filtering the water more. Then, they’ll add disinfecting chemicals to make sure your water is safe to drink. But your local water company cannot remove all the chemicals. Have peace of mind knowing that your water is very safe to drink by adding an in-home Phoenix Water Filtration System to your home’s plumbing system. Make sure that the water you drink, shower, and clean with is the cleanest water possible. A water filtration system from H2O Concepts couldn’t hurt anything. A filtration system could only make your water cleaner. If you’re ready to experience some of the advantages a home water filtration system can provide, then contact H2O Concepts today to set up your free consultation.

What’s In My Drinking Water?

Make sure your water is clear and clean with a Phoenix Water Filtration Systems from H2o ConceptsAccording to the 2020 Water Quality Report released by the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, most of the drinking water for the city of Phoenix comes from the Salt, Verde, and Colorado Rivers. The water starts as snowpack and then makes its way to the rivers where they are collected and treated for consumption. As the water flows into the rivers, it picks up contaminants along the way. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for the levels that these contaminants can be found in drinking water. Your local water authority treats the water to remove as many contaminants as possible. However, it is still common for your water to be contaminated. It does not mean your water is unsafe to drink, but it’s important to know what contaminants could be in your water. Common contaminants include:
  • Microbial contaminants. These are viruses and bacteria that can come from wastewater treatment plants, septic systems, or wildlife
  • Inorganic contaminants.  Salts and metals can come from domestic wastewater discharges from oil and gas production, mining, farming, and urban stormwater runoff.
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Organic chemical contaminants. These are usually byproducts of industrial processes, petroleum production, and gas stations
  • Radioactive contaminants that are naturally occurring or can be the result of oil and gas production and mining activities
These are just the tip of the iceberg. If your water travels through corrosive pipes and plumbing to your home, water can pick up the metal contaminants from these pipes as well. Having a Phoenix Water Filtration System installed can add an extra layer of protection to safely remove these contaminants from your water.

How Does A Phoenix Water Filtration System Work?

H2o Concepts Phoenix Water Filtration SystemH2O Concepts has the most technologically advanced Phoenix Water Filtration System on the market. We use proven media filtration to give your home’s water an extra layer of protection to remove all the extra chemicals your water company missed. All of our filtration systems use KDF media. This media is specially designed to remove chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. The water is then further filtered with a Coconut Shell GAC (granular activated carbon). This filter is developed to absorb organic compounds. It is also effective in removing taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals in the water. Finally, our filtration system includes a quartz layer of filtration that acts as a regulator for the system to ensure that water flows evenly throughout the filter. If you’re also experiencing hard water, you can easily add one of our patented AMP Force water softener systems to your Phoenix Water Filtration System. This will further eliminate the stains and sediment that clog your faucets, appliances, and pipes.

How Your Water Will Improve After Installing a Phoenix Water Filtration System

The soap you use when you shower, clean dishes, and wash clothes react differently to water with lots of different contaminants in it. Soap often won’t suds up as it normally does, or doesn’t get things as clean as it should. When you remove the contaminants from your water with a Phoenix Water Filtration System, you’ll notice many improvements:
  • Dishes are cleaner and no longer have spots on them when they come out of the dishwasher
  • Drinking water tastes better, along with coffee, tea, juice, and other beverages made with tap water will taste better too
  • Save money on bottled water
  • Soap works more effectively, meaning you’ll need to use less at a time, which will save you money
  • Hair and skin will feel softer and smoother
  • Reduces dry skin
But the best way to explain the advantages of a whole house water filtration system is to try one for yourself. We guarantee you’ll notice a difference in taste and feel right away

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If you’re ready to drink clearly better water, then it’s time to call H2O Concepts. Our Phoenix Water Filtration System is powerful, effective, and requires minimal maintenance. With no bags of salt to buy and a 10-year no-nonsense warranty, investing in a water filtration system is a smart decision. Call us today for your free consultation.