Arizona Whole Home Water Filter

Do Nothing for 10 years

System Tips

Green lights are blinking, unplug the power cord from powersource, wait at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in. This can happen if you have any type of power surge, This is a built-in safety feature. Green lights are completely off, please check your GFI & breaker box. You can plug something into the power source to check to make sure you do have power at that source that would let you know whether it is your H2O system or your outlet. You can plug in a lamp, hair dryer or anything that will indicate there is power coming through.

System Time

In the event you have lost power in your home or you have unplugged your system for an extended amount of time, and you need to reset the system time please follow these instructions.

Digital Valve Instructions:

TO SET THE TIME OF DAY Make sure the system is plugged in.
  1. To access the time mode start by pressing SET HOUR.
  2. Adjust to the current hour by using the up or down arrows (when blinking).  An arrow on the display points to PM during p.m. hours.
  3. Press SET HOUR to set minutes. (When minutes are blinking) use arrows to set to current minutes.
  4. Press SET HOUR to complete and return to display mode.
Bypass Instructions

Mechanical Valve Instructions:

TO SET TIME OF DAY Make sure system is plugged in
  1. Push and Hold in RED Button on the left of the dial.
  2. When red TIME SET BUTTON is pushed in take 1 finger and put it on teeth of 24 hour black gear (top of dial) and turn it until time of day is set to current time (bottom of dial). (Make sure you choose AM or PM). Release red pinion make sure the gears (red pinion & black teeth) are engaged.
Bypass Instructions

Hot Water Heater (flush out)

You should flush out your hot water heater 90 days after your H2O System has been installed and then once every year. Instruction on how to flush out your hot water heater:
  • Electric – Turn off power to your hot water heater in breaker box.
  • Gas – Turn off gas to the hot water heater. Make sure pilot is out.
  • Turn off water at main and open kitchen faucet on hot side or turn off water at shut off valve on top of the hot water heater.
  • Hook a garden hose to the hose bib of the hot water heater and open it.
  • Once it is empty turn water back on at main or top of the hot water heater SLOWLY.
  • Flush for a little longer and then shut off the hose bib, disconnect garden hose and turn on gas (light the pilot) or go to the breaker box and turn back on the breaker.
Downloads The following manual is available for download. You will need Adobe® Acrobat or a compatible PDF viewer to view the documents. Click here to View H2o Concepts Owners Manual