Scottsdale Water Softener

What is the difference between hard water and soft water? You might not think there’s much, but the difference is like night at day. Hard water can cause health problems, water fixtures in your home to deteriorate at a faster rate, and so much more. Using H2O Concepts’ Scottsdale Water Softener means you won’t have to worry about these problems. If you are in the market to install a water softener in your home, contact the company with the greenest water softeners out there, H2O Concepts. 

Who is H2O Concepts? 

Scottsdale Water Softener by H2O ConceptsIn 1991, H2O Concepts opened its doors to the public. Since our doors opened, we have been dubbed the most green-certified water filtration system on the market. H2O Concept’s technology uses patented technology specifically designed for hard water conditioning and all of our systems are built at our main base in Phoenix, AR. 

All of our water filtration system installers are employees of H2O Concepts. We would never send someone to your home or business that we don’t trust or who hasn’t been trained by one of our skilled staff members. We also own and operate all of our installation and service vehicles. At H2O Concepts, we believe it is important for you to trust us. We want to be involved in every step of the process and help answer any questions, or address any concerns, that you may have during the buying and installation process. H2O Concepts is a licensed, bonded, and insured company. If you are interested in getting a Scottsdale Water Softener, contact H2O Concepts now to get started! 

Why You Should Buy a Scottsdale Water Softener for Your Home! 

There are many advantages to using a water-softening system in your home. These reasons range from home and personal health, to helping the environment. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting a water softener in your home: 

  • Cleaner Clothing
    Hard water can make your clothes smell funky and fade them over time. With water that has been filtered and softened, you can see a clear difference between how your clothes looked and felt when they were being washed with hard water. If you are having issues with your clothes lacking their luster, you should consider getting a water softener for your home!
  • Reduces Your Carbon Footprint
    Did you know that using a Scottsdale Water Softener in your home can actually help reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the environment? Studies have shown that when people use a water softener in their homes, the amount of waste from plastic water bottles is greatly reduced.

    In addition to that, H2O Concepts has the most environmentally conscious water filtration system that is available to the public. We never use salt or sodium to filter water in our systems. We actually use granular activated carbon. This method helps keep sediment from getting into your drinking water and will restore the water back to its natural state of purity.
  • Improves Kidney Functions
    Drinking hard water can be bad for your kidneys. Filtering out the extra minerals and sediment can cause your kidneys to work over time. It is hard on your kidneys and it is hard on your body. It can also cause you to feel more dehydrated and cause you to grow potentially ill.
  • Decreases Corrosion in Pipes
    Water is a natural medium of erosion. Over time, it can destroy your pipes and pick up dirt, minerals, little bits of metal, bacteria, and tons of other things that should not be put in your body. Not only is this a health hazard, but it is also bad for your home. Water ages pipes at an accelerated rate, but if you use soft water instead of hard water, your water fixtures can last up to 25% longer than water fixtures that use hard water. 
  • Better Tasting and Smelling Water 

This benefit is primarily for homes that use well water. Well water can have a sulfuric taste and smell to it and potentially cause you to have stomach problems. A water softener can eliminate that smell and taste in your water and leave you with bottled water quality of water. 

Contact H2O Concepts for Your Water Softener System Now! 

Tired of drinking hard water? Are you ready to taste tap water in its purest form? Look no further than H2O Concepts. Contact us today to get the greenest water filtration system on the market and fresh-tasting water. We look forward to bringing crystal-clear water to your home.