If your water is supplied by Scottsdale Water, it is safe to drink, even if you don’t like the taste. You probably spend a lot of money buying bottled water. Bottled water is wasteful though. You can save lots of money on water by installing a Scottsdale Water Filter to improve the taste of your water from H2O Concepts. Not only do our impressive filters help with the taste of the water, but they can also help remove harmful contaminants and improve the feel of your water too! The team at H2O Concepts has a great list of reasons why investing in a water filter is a smart idea. Contact H2O Concepts today to learn more about our water filtration systems. Our team can provide you with a free estimate to find the best water system for your home.

Reasons To Invest in A Scottsdale Water Filter

The water experts at H2O Concepts want you to be drinking the best water available. If the water coming out of your tap tastes funny, call H2O Concepts today to learn more.

Environmentally Smart Choice

Our Scottsdale Water Filter systems are different from most systems on the market. Mostly that with a traditional water filter or water softener, water is filtered through salt. This salt creates a brine that needs to be flushed from your system once a year to keep it working optimally. However, this brine pollutes the local environment and the salt is returned to the earth. Chloride from the salt can seep into and pollute groundwater from on-site septic systems. So if you don’t get city water, the brine you dump could pollute your well water. H2O Concepts water filters don’t require salt. Our filters use KDF media for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. It also helps control scale, bacteria, and algae. The water is further filtered with coconut shell granular activated carbon to absorb natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals in the water. Finally, the quartz filter acts as a regulator for the system to ensure water flows effectively and evenly throughout the system. Because our filtration system is different, it doesn’t need to be flushed, cleaned, or refilled with salt making it an environmentally smart choice. We back our limited maintenance with a 10 Year no-nonsense warranty. And because your water will taste so much better, you’ll buy fewer bottles of water, further reducing your waste.

Healthier Water

There are lots of hard metals and chemicals in your water that make it taste the way it does. These chemicals aren’t harmful because they are in such small quantities that they are safe to drink. Your local water company filters out most of them, but some of them are discharged from natural deposits and corrosion of plumbing. Water travels from the water treatment plant to your home, and on the way is how it picks up these small amounts of chemicals that change the taste of your water. H2O Concepts strong Scottsdale Water Filters can filter out most of these tiny chemicals that make your water taste funny. Not only that, the lack of chemicals makes your water healthier for you. You’ll also notice that beverages made with water like coffee, tea, and juice will taste better as well.

Helps Appliance Performance

Humans aren’t the only things in your house consuming water. Your dishwasher, washing machine, faucets, and hot water heater heavily rely on your water to work effectively. If your showerhead clogs frequently, the clogs are caused by a buildup of deposits from the water. These buildups happen in places you don’t see too. Places like your hot water tank and washing machine. If these deposits get too big, they can clog your machines and cause them to work inefficiently or shorten their lifespan. With a Scottsdale Water Filter, you’ll notice fewer clogs and better working appliances.

Reacts Better with Soap and Detergent

Once you have a water filter installed, you’ll notice a lot of changes. Not only does your water taste better, but it will also improve your skin as well. Your skin will feel less dry and your hair will also be softer and more manageable. Soap reacts better with cleaner water. If you find you need to use lots of shampoos to clean your hair or use extra laundry soap so your clothes come out clean, you’ll love our Scottsdale Water Filters. You’ll need to use less soap for dishes, and on your body, because the suds will be more effective, saving you money in the long run.

Pair with our AMP Force For Even Better Water

Instead of a traditional water softener, our water filters can be combined with our patented AMP Force water softening system. Our system filters calcium and magnesium bicarbonate without using salt or potassium. Combining a Scottsdale Water Filter with our AMP Force technology will work together to provide you with great water filtration and hard water solution.

Contact H2O Concepts Today For Clearly Better Water In Your Home

H2O Concepts is here to help you learn more about our Scottsdale Water Filters and water softening systems. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate on a new water filtration system for your home or business. Contact us today.