Salt vs. No Salt Water Filtration Systems

With the majority being at home these days home improvements at a high. People are taking the situation of being confined to their homes to look around get to some of those “honey do’s” that had previously been on the back burner. A common home improvement that many people are looking into is adding or changing their current in-home water filtration system. As we all know too well that no matter where in the country you live that a water filtration system in your home can greatly improve the taste, smell, and overall quality of your water.  The EPA standards for city water make it safe to drink, cook with and even bathe in, but there are remaining contaminants that can cause long term harmful effects. You can check your score for your area’s water and see how they have done on recent tests. There are many different web sites that you can check, it is as easy as Googling “how is my water?” Depending on where you live the results of your areas water my scare you. There are many contaminants that remain in our tap water after the water treatment facilities that have harmful effects.  This is where in-home water filtration comes into play. Here you can further filter out the unwanted contaminants and chemicals in your water to give yourself and your family great tasting, great smelling and great quality water right in your home. So, the question is not if you need a water filtration system in your home but what type do you need and want.

Salt or no salt?

The are many choices out there on the market today and many companies to choose from but the main question you need to address first is whether you want a salt system or a salt-free system. For many years the typical salt systems were the way to go and it was pretty much the only option on the market. As times have changed and newer and more efficient technologies have become available more and more people are steering away from choosing a salt system and even more people are switching out their old salt systems for a system with no salt and no hassle.

Drawbacks of the Salt System

  First of all, you may not even know what home water filtration system that uses salt even is. A salt system is a way of filtering the water that is entering your home through salt tablets and resin beads. This process takes place in a brine tank and a water softener tank that is connected to your main water supply, generally this is hooked up in the garage. The brine tank is filled with the salt pellets and the softener tank is filled with resin beads. This process is an ion-exchange the water enters the tank and negatively charged resin attracts the unwanted minerals and exchanges them for sodium. This process does work to filter out some of the unwanted minerals and at softening the water, but it also creates other problems. One of the main problems is the addition of excess sodium in our water. This is the reason that so many homes also have an under sink Reverse Osmosis system installed to then filter out again so that they can have better tasting and better quality to drink and use for cooking. Another drawback is the salt itself. The bags of salt are an added cost and a huge hassle. They are heavy, generally 25-40 pounds. You have to refill the brine tank with these large heavy bags every few months or sooner depending on your size home and water consumption. The salt system is also not great for the environment. Their systems require regeneration and backwash cycles that not only waste a large amount of water but also put contaminated water back into the groundwater.  There are more and more communities that are banning salt systems for these reasons.

No Salt System

Today there are more options and companies than ever that offer an alternative to the salt-based water softener and filtration system.  At H2o Concepts, our system is different by design. We use our patented Amp Force Technology to break down the hard water minerals using energy instead of salt pellets. This system breaks down the calcium and magnesium minerals that cause hard water issues. We use a high-grade medium to filter out the water and both of our systems are combined into one space-saving tank. Our salt-less systems are hassle-free and maintenance-free, we hook it up and you enjoy better than bottled quality water from every tap in your home without ever adding anything or changing filters. We also back our product with a 10-year warranty and make them right here in the USA. We have the answer to the Salt Vs. No Salt debate and we want to help you and your family have the water that you deserve in your home. Give us a call today and we can get you set up with a Salt-free home water filtration system that will have you enjoying great tasting, great smelling, and the greatest quality water available, and all right in your home and from the greenest system on the market today. At H2o Concepts we are different by design, give us a call today.