What if we told you that you can have great tasting water that was softened and filtered without the use of salt? Sounds impossible. Most water softening systems require big bags of salt to filter out hard water deposits. In Arizona, hard water is very common. It can clog up your pipes and lower the lifespan of your appliances. Salt Free Filtration from H2O Concepts is a revolutionary development in improving home water quality. If you’re interested in eliminating salt from your water, or maybe a more efficient and maintenance free water softener and filter, then upgrading to a new filter and softener from H2O Concepts is the perfect solution for you.

Salt Free Filtration

With a traditional water softener, water accumulates in a tank that’s filled with salt. The salt generates an ION exchange process in which ions in a solution are transformed into a solid which releases ions of a different type but of the same polarity. In the physical separation process when ions exchanged, they are not chemically altered. Water that contains calcium and magnesium ions is considered “hard water.” Although the salt that remains in your water once you turn on a faucet is very minuscule. You probably don’t even taste it. But for those with heart issues and watching the amount of sodium in their diets, should investigate their water softeners. That extra salt could be doing them more harm than good. H2O Concepts has created a Salt Free Filtration system that uses different media to remove the magnesium and calcium particles from water. They are made of Carbon, KDF, and Quartz. These materials remove heavy metals, chlorine, and controls bacteria and algae in hot water. The result is better tasting and healthier water with fewer contaminants.

Patented AMP Force Technology

While H2O Concept’s filters take out common contaminants in water, you might still notice hard water buildup. When you combine our Salt Free Filtration and our AMP Force™ technology, hard water is a thing of the past. The AMP Force™ work by using an electronic device that generates pulses to break the calcium bicarbonate and the magnesium bicarbonate into a water-soluble, non-adherent form of calcium and magnesium carbonate. In the soluble state, these two minerals cannot adhere to the inner surfaces of the pipes or fixtures. Since the crystalline form of the bicarbonate is permanently changed in the process, the residue left behind when water is allowed to evaporate on surfaces like sink decks, faucets, or glass is easily removed with a damp paper towel or cloth. The life of all water using appliances will be extended as a result of the lack of scale in areas like pump impellers and pipes. The AMP Force™ will also descale any existing build-up over time. So you can experience softer water without purchasing bags of salt. That’s H2O Concept’s salt-free guarantee.

Salt Free Filtration Products Are Ideal For Arizona Water

Arizona water is especially hard. You need a water softener that can combat large quantities of calcium and magnesium. If you have a water softener that uses salt already, do the math and figure out how much you’re spending regularly on that salt and the maintenance of your water softener. Even if you’re on a private well, our filters can give you the clean and clear water your desire. The beauty of our Salt Free Filtration systems is that they are virtually maintenance-free. No need to refill your tank with salt or other minerals. Everything in the tank is self-contained. The strong pulses from the AMP Force ™ Technology will keep your water soft, clear, and tasting great.

Call H2O Concepts To Learn More About Salt Free Filtration

Salt Free Filtration is just a phone call away. Contact H2O Concepts to learn how to get one of our filters with patented AMP Force™ technology installed in your home so you can start drinking clearly better water sooner.