How to Combat Hard Water in Arizona

Arizona’s beautiful landscape and iconic canyons and rock formations make it a unique place to live. But these rocks have a high mineral content creates Hard Water In Arizona. Most of the country experiences hard water, but Arizona’s natural landscape makes it harder than most cities. But just because you live in Arizona, doesn’t mean you need to settle for hard water coming from your faucets. If you’re sick of the taste of your water, then it’s time to consider a water softener and whole house water filtration system from H2O Concepts.

H2O Concepts is Arizona’s leader in water filtration and softening technology. Our methods have been patented by the United States Government, and come with a no-nonsense warranty. If you’ve heard that water softeners pollute the groundwater and are expensive to maintain with large quantities of salt, think again. H2O Concepts does things differently. Start drinking clearly better water and call H2O Concepts today.

How H2O Concepts Helps Against Hard Water in Arizona

If you don’t like the taste of the Hard Water in Arizona that comes out of your taps, you may have found other sources of water for drinking. Bottled water, water coolers, and packaged water create lots of waste. When you have hard water in your home, it doesn’t just affect the taste, it affects the appliances in your home that also use water.

Hard Water is made of Calcium and Magnesium deposits. These minerals are good for your health, but the deposits can clog pipes, faucets, and appliances making them more susceptible to damage and shortening their lifespan over time. A water softener from H2O Concepts helps eliminate these deposits and prevents more from accumulating.

Whole House Water Filtration

H2O Concepts offers a variety of products that can make your water clearly better. Your local water municipality filters your water for lots of different deposits and chemicals. They also add fluoride and chlorine to keep the water clean. However, some people don’t like these chemicals in their water and would like them removed. That’s where H2O Concepts whole house water filtration systems come in.

Our systems use a 3-layered filter that is made of KDF Media, activated carbon, and quartz. These filters can remove chlorine and other water-soluble heavy metals. The activated carbon is great for removing organic compounds that make your water taste or smell strange. The quartz helps regulate the flow of water in the tank to make sure it’s all thoroughly filtered.

Many of our customers on wells really love the improvements that our whole house water filtration system makes on their water. Our system is a great fix if you don’t like the taste of water.

AMP Force Water Softening Technology

Many people with heart conditions need to monitor their salt intake. If you rely on a water softening system that uses large quantities of salt to soften the water, this could be dangerous to your health. Luckily, our water softening systems use our patented AMP Force technology, the first of its kind that does not require salt or flushing.

How the AMP Force technology works by charging the calcium and magnesium minerals and raising the temperature to turn them into a soluble form. Not only does this help your Hard Water in Arizona problems, but it also makes your water healthier. Calcium helps bones and teeth while magnesium helps control blood pressure and metabolism. In a traditional water softener that uses salt, the calcium and magnesium ions stick to the salt and the water flows through the softener leaving these minerals behind. With H2O Concepts you ingest these minerals in your water. Making your water better tasting and better for you.

Benefits of Clearly Better Water

When you have Hard Water in Arizona it is very obvious. The first thing you’ll notice is that your glasses always look spotty. Even if you wash your glasses by hand, you’ll always notice water spots. With a water softener from H2O Concepts, those spots will be a thing of the past.

Water softeners also improve the flow of water through shower heads and faucets. If your faucet sprays everywhere or has really low water pressure, it could be because the small holes that the water passes through are clogged with sediment. With a new water softener, you’ll notice better water pressure and a more even flow of water.

Soap acts differently with hard water. Once the magnesium and calcium ions are dissolved in the water, your soap will react better. You’ll notice that it takes fewer drops of soap to clean more dishes. Your laundry detergent, shampoo, and other household products that mix with water will be more effective.

Last, but not least, the most noticeable difference between Hard Water in Arizona and your newly softened water is that it tastes better. A lot better. Especially when you pair your new water softener with one of our whole house water filtration systems. When you boil or steam vegetables in water, you’ll notice that they’ll taste better too. Coffee, tea, and juice mixed with water will have more flavor. If you’re ready to start drinking clearly better water, then it’s time to make the switch to H2O Concepts.

Get Rid of Hard Water in Arizona And Call H2O Concepts

If you want to stop Hard Water in Arizona from causing damage to your pipes, appliances, and faucets, then it’s time to switch to a powerful water softening system from H2O Concepts. Ask us about our no-nonsense warranty. You’ll be so happy with your new maintenance-free water softening system, that you’ll be telling all your friends. Call H2O Concepts today to start drinking better-tasting water.