Goodyear Water Softener

Hard water is an extremely common problem most people have in their homes. Most people don’t see this as an issue until it is too late and your pipes need to be replaced or there is a lot of gunk clogging your drain and the repairs begin to pile up. Before all that happens, you should invest in a Goodyear Water Softener from H2O Concepts for your home. Do you have any questions regarding our water filtration system or about H2O Concepts? Contact us today! We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding our products!

What Makes H2O Concepts Goodyear Water Softener Different from Other Water Softeners on the Market? 

Goodyear Water Softener There are a lot of reasons why H2O Concepts’ water softeners are on a different level than other competing water systems on the market. It is because our water filtration systems are the greenest systems available to the public. Thanks to our patented design, we can be more economically efficient as well and use organic materials to filter water as opposed to chemicals or salt. 

Instead of salt or other filtration chemicals that most water softeners use, H2O Concepts uses a carbon media to filter the water. Our carbon media is coconut shell GAC or Granular Activated Carbon, which is used to absorb all the unwanted organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic compounds that can be found in your water. This carbon will help revitalize your water and make it taste fresher too! 

In our Goodyear Water Softeners, we also use quartz. Quartz is used to help make the water flow more evenly throughout the system to allow it to get as much contact with the coconut shell GAC as possible in order to get as much filtration done as possible. 

Lastly, we use AMP Force technology in our water filtration systems. This kind of technology concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the minerals instead of exchanging the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate for sodium or potassium, unlike other water softeners on the market. This prevents annoying build-up from forming in your pipes and drainage systems. 

All of our technology is patented and made at our headquarters in Phoenix. We have been working on this technology since we opened in 1991 and work to provide you with the best water filtration technology possible. We are also the most green and environmentally friendly water filtration system on the market today. You can’t get much better than that! 

If you are interested in learning more about our systems and technology, check out our technology webpage

Why Should You Install a Water Softener in Your Home? 

There are a lot of reasons why you should install a water filtration system of any kind in your home, but here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding if this is the right move for you. 

  • Does your house use water from a well? Does it come from a non-treated water facility? 
  • Do you or someone in your household have a weakened immune system/ have an auto-immune disease? 
  • Do you struggle with clogged pipes on a regular basis? 
  • Are your showers not nearly as effective as you wish they were? 
  • Does your hair and skin feel dry after taking a shower or spending a lot of time in the water at your house? 
  • Has the color of your clothes faded over time without any specific reason? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should install an H2O Concept Goodyear Water Softener in your house! 

Hard water can cause corrosion on your pipes and water fixtures in your house. It can also create huge clogs and build-up in your pipes. If you use well water or your water isn’t treated at all, your water can smell and taste horrible and cause problems with your stomach. Using a water softener can eliminate those terrible issues and give you a happier and healthier life. 

If you are ready to get started today on installing your water softener, contact us today! 

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H2O Concepts has the greenest water purification technology on the market. All of our products are made in-house and we deeply care about our customers. If you are in need of a Goodyear Water Softener or curious about our technology, then contact us today! We are happy to answer any of your questions or address any concerns you may have.