Do I need a Phoenix Water Softner?

Hard water is a problem that plagues many areas of the country. Hard water generally comes from groundwater sources that have a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. It’s estimated that about 80% of the country experiences hard water. These minerals are especially prevalent in Arizona. A Phoenix Water Softener is your best solution to fighting hard water in your home.

Whether or not you’re bothered by the taste of your water, it’s almost certainly hard just based on the regular hardness of Phoenix municipal water. Well water is almost always hard since it comes from a ground well. Right away, you’ll notice improvements for every activity that involves using water. Call H2O Concepts today to learn more about our salt-free water softening systems and have one installed in your home.

My Water Doesn’t Taste Funny. Why Would I Need A Phoenix Water Softener?

Maybe you like the taste of your water, that’s totally fine. Some people use pitchers with filters in them to help make their tap water taste better. While you’re able to easily manage your drinking water solutions, there are other things that can benefit from softer water.

Hard water contains magnesium and calcium ions. These ions, if not treated cause deposits. You may have noticed these deposits on dishes fresh from the dishwasher. You swear your dishwasher cleaned them, but why are they covered in spots? If you drink coffee, you may have noticed that your coffee pot stops working every couple of months. These issues are caused by calcium and magnesium deposits. These deposits make your dishes look dirty, and clog your faucets and coffee pots. Clogged coffee pots, showerheads, and faucets can usually be remedied by using a vinegar solution.

But what about bigger appliances that rely on water? Running your washing machine with nothing but vinegar could be expensive and would probably leave an odor on your clothes. Washing machines, hot water heaters, dishwashers, and your pipes are all susceptible to being clogged with deposits from hard water. Installing a Phoenix Water Softener is a much better solution than replacing all your water with vinegar for a day to flush out all of these appliances.

When a hot water heater, for example, gets bogged down with too many deposits over time, it could cause clogs and your appliances could lose efficiency over time. This could lead to replacing your appliances sooner than you’d hope, or bigger issues like water damage. A Phoenix Water Softener could be the solution to the problems you don’t taste.

How Our Phoenix Water Softener Systems Work

H2O Concepts offers water softening solutions that do not involve the need for salt. You read that right. No Salt. Salt-Free Water Softeners. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, the secret is better science and technology advancements.

Instead of using salt brine to filter out the magnesium and calcium ions, our system uses our patented AMP Force Technology which uses an electronic device to generate pulses to break the ions into a water-soluble solute that dissolves into the water. In this state, these ions can no longer stick to pipes, surfaces, or in tiny holes. In fact, this water is now better for you because you can ingest the calcium and magnesium molecules that you need to be healthy.

Your water is further filtered through our tanks. Our filtration system is made up of KDF media to remove chlorine and heavy metals from the water, Coconut Shell GAC (granular activated carbon) to remove organic compounds as well as taste and odor compounds. Finally, the quartz in our filtration system helps regulate the water to ensure that it flows evenly throughout the filter. Our powerful Phoenix Water Softener will help remove current buildup over time, as well as prevent buildup in the future.

A Salt-Free Water Softener Provides Additional Benefits

Although salt in a water softener seems very insignificant, for some people it could be a big problem. People with hypertension or on low-sodium diets need to be cognizant of how much salt they’re ingesting, and that includes salt from the water softener. If getting a salt-free Phoenix Water Softener appeals to you, then you’re thinking very health consciously.

woman Drinking waterGoing salt-free has environmental impacts as well. While many water softeners will drain into your sump pump, this is a bad idea. When you flush your tanks, the brine from the saltwater can seep into the groundwater and cause harm to the local wildlife.

When you get a Phoenix Water Softener from H2O Concepts, not only are we the most certified green water system on the market, we are also certified gold by the Water Quality Association’s standards. All of our water softeners require very little maintenance and come with a 10-year no-nonsense warranty. So even if you’re satisfied with your drinking water, having a water softener installed from H2O Concepts is just a smart idea.

Have A New Water Softener Installed In Your Home From H2O Concepts

If you’re ready to start drinking clearly better water, or maybe you want to extend the life of your appliances and pipes, now is the time to have Phoenix Water Softener installed from H2O Concepts today. Schedule your appointment for a free water test so we can find the best water filtering and softening system best suited for your home.