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Why Own a Water Filtration System?

Yesterday sitting in a waiting room, I sat next to a young couple who had just moved to the area a few months ago. I overheard them talking about their new home and neighborhood, paint colors they want to change, plants they would like to plant and renovations they would like to make. I remember the days of being a young homeowner and doing all the same things.

I remember always rushing to “make it our own”. We were notorious for pulling up plants and changing the yard too soon. The realizing later that bush was there for a reason, or nothing was there because the drainage is bad in that low area of the yard, etc. Now that we have owned several homes we have a rule on making big changes to the outdoor plants, and that is to give it one year so you can see all the seasons and then see if they serve a purpose you didn’t notice before or maybe they flower beautifully later in the year. We have decided that when it comes to jumping in and making changes to a new-to-us-home, we want to give some of the aesthetics a pause and time. We do on the other hand find that replacing worn-out appliances right away can save you money on water electricity and that if the home does not have a water filtration system currently installed that is one of the first items on our list.

Many people ask Why Own a Water Filtration System, is it really that important? The truth of the matter is, yes, it is in fact that important. You and your family use water every single day all day long for many different reasons: cooking, bathing and most importantly drinking. With such an increase in cancer rates over the last few decades we have learned that what we put into our bodies is very important and does matter, a great deal.

So, you ask the question, Why Own a Water Filtration System? My first answer is because you want to have water that does not corrode and ruin the plumbing in your home. Hard water that is not managed will cause build up in your pipes and ruin your appliances and run up your bills.

Why Own a Water Filtration System? My second answer is because you wash your body and clothes with this water. Your skin absorbs a large amount of all of the minerals in the water in only a few minutes of bathing in it. You want the best water possible to be bathing in on a daily basis. Hard mineral-packed water wears away at your clothes quicker and makes the soap less effective, so you end up using more soap and spending more money.

Why Own a Water Filtration System? My final reason is that you cook and drink with this water. You can save yourself from having to buy bottled water to drink and other systems to make clean water to cook with. No one wants less than perfect quality going into their families or their own bodies!

Our H2o Concepts system is the best answer out there for Why Own a Water Filtration System? We would love to talk to you about the differences we have made in so many homes and lives in the Phoenix area. Our whole-home systems combine both water filtration and water softening into one! Call us today and we can get you drinking better than bottled water out of every tap in your home!