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Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System is a smart investment. A filtration system like a water softener can help prevent hard water buildup in your appliances and pipes. You’ll notice changes right away. Your clothes and hair will feel cleaner, soap will be more effective, and your appliances will be more efficient. All of that sounds great, but how do you know which system will be the most effective in your home?

H2O Concepts is the leader in Whole House Filtrations Systems. Our technology makes clearly better water. We’ve developed technology that’s better than traditional water softeners so they can fight more efficiently against buildup. Contact us today to learn more about which of our many products would be best for you.

Water Softener Alternative

You may have heard a lot about water softeners and filters. Filters take out chemicals and debris in your water, so it maintains great quality. Water softeners help reduce hard water buildup. This buildup is made of calcium, magnesium, and iron. However, water softeners use salt to filter the water. You have to buy big bags of salt to refill your water softener on a regular basis.

H2O Concept’s patented amp force technology doesn’t use salt. the Amp Force Technology concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the minerals. In their bicarbonate form, these minerals form on one-another preventing buildup with-in plumbing and result in premature failure of water-using appliances. Calcium and magnesium bicarbonate crystals are insoluble but can be changed by temperature (energy) into the soluble form of carbonate crystals. Combining these components and having them work together provides you with a great water filtration and a hard water solution.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to using salt in your Whole House Water Filtration System and water softening needs, check out our Amp Force, Combo, or Genesis products. All of these use our patented Amp Force technology.

Commercial Or Residential Property

You don’t just deserve clean, filtered water at home, if you have a business or commercial property, it needs filtered water as well. The size of your property and the number of people the dwell in the property are determining factors to your tank’s size. Commercial properties that host multiple businesses and more people than an average household will require a much larger filtration system. We offer systems that can handle supplying clearly better water to all the people on your property.

Whole House Water Filtration For Homes On Well Water or Public Water

When you live on a well, your water isn’t filtered through a water filtration plant like public water is. Luckily, H2O Concepts has a state-of-the-art Whole House Filtration System perfect for combating your well water issues. These systems include a prefilter, a high-quality water filter that uses the best filtration media around, and amp force technology for softening. Your water will taste great and look crystal clear.

If you are on public water and are looking for a Whole House Filtration System that will make your water taste great, H2O Concepts has a variety of products to fit your needs. We offer the same amazing filtration process in all of our systems. Many of them include Amp Force technology. However, if you already have a water softener that you’re satisfied with and do not need amp force, we still offer the superior filtration services you desire without additional water softening capabilities.

Remove Certain Chemicals From Water

Public water has added fluoride in it. This is to help your teeth stay strong and prevent them from decaying. At H2O Concepts, we understand you might not want to have water in your home that has fluoride in it. That’s why we have a system that is designed to remove fluoride from the water while preserving its natural taste. All of our Whole House Filtration Systems require very little maintenance, including our fluoride filter. So you can relax and rest easy because you know exactly what is coming from your tap.

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H2O Concepts is Arizona’s leader in Whole House Filtration Systems. Our salt alternative technology helps combat hard water buildup while keeping your water tasting great. Contact us today to learn how to get clearly better water in your home.