June 23, 2020

The Many Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Having an in-Home Water Filter can have many benefits and depends on where you live and where your water comes from you may find it to be more of a need than a want and here in the Phoenix valley that is definitely the case.

The water in phoenix is very hard which can destroy your pipes and appliances and make your skin and hair dry.

Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Water filtration has come a long way over time and the process of filtering water can really make a huge difference in the taste, smell, and overall quality of the water entering your home.

Here are a few of the many benefits that you can get from adding a home water filter in your home.

  • Save Money

Everyone loves to save money and adding a home water filter to your home will save you money in multiple areas. Having great-tasting and great quality water coming straight out of the faucets in your home can save you a lot of money on no longer having to buy bottled water. Bottled water is an unnecessary cost that can add up significantly in a year, especially if you have a family. If your kids are like mine, then you find half-full bottles all over the house that don’t seem to belong to anyone.

There are many minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals found in our tap water that can cause damaging effects on your pipes and the appliances in your home. The buildup can instigate costly plumbing repairs on the pipes in your home and this in turn will make your appliances have to work harder and wear them out faster requiring you to make costly replacements.

When your water is saturated with all of these unwanted minerals and chemicals it also causes your soap to be less effective which requires you to use more soap than you should need to, and we all know that laundry detergent is not cheap.

  • Help the Environment

Most people are concerned with our environment and love having easy ways to help reduce their carbon footprint. Adding a Home Water Filter is a great and easy way to just that.

About 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day, yes per day! Using a refillable water bottle can make a big impact on our planet and knowing that you have great quality water in your home will make you happy as well, not to mention the money you save by not buying the bottled water.

  • Remove or Reduce Mineral Buildup

There are many minerals in our water that can mineral buildup and limescale. This buildup is not just unsightly it can cause your water to taste bad and is also the culprit for the buildup in your pipes and appliances that causes damage and repairs. Having a in Home Water Filter can help to reduce or eliminate these unwanted minerals

  • Clothes Last Longer and Look Better

The access chorine and the minerals in our water cause our clothes to fade and wear out faster and even feel dingy. Clothes are not cheap so adding a Water Filter in your home will help protect that favorite shirt.

  • Great-Tasting Water from Your Faucet

One of the biggest benefits of having an in-Home Water Filter is the fact that you have great tasting water in your own home. Better quality water for you and your family to drink and cook with and if you get a whole-home system you have better quality water in all faucets in your home which makes better, healthier water for showers and baths. 

  • Safer Water with Fewer Contaminants

Overall in one way or another, the water in your home comes in contact with your family every day in one way or another. When the water gets to your home it has been through treatment facilities and is considered safe for consumption and overall use, but there are still many contaminants that are left that can have harmful side effects to not only your plumbing but your health. We already discussed the minerals that are left behind and the harmful effects that they can have on you home but there are also harmful chemicals that are bad for our health. You can check your cities water quality and find out how they do on the water tests and the amounts and levels of chemicals and contaminants that are still present in our water. This will likely have you searching out Home Water Filter quotes quickly.

There a numerous Benefits of a Home Water Filter. You save money, which of course everyone loves, help mother nature, make your clothes look better and last longer and increase the life of your appliances. These money-saving benefits are undeniable, but you can also enjoy better-quality water in your home which better than saving money. Knowing that your family is consuming and absorbing the best quality water available is the greatest benefit of all.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get a Home Water Filter then give us a call today. We will answer all of your questions on the different types of systems out there today and what will work best for your family’s needs. We look forward to doing business together.