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The Importance of an In-Home Water Filter System

Having an In-Home Water Filter system is an essential addition to your home or office. Our public waters are treated before it enters our homes, but that does not mean that it is free of unwanted chemicals, bacteria, or other contaminates.

In order to know why it is important to have an In-Home Water Filter System installed into your home, you first need to know what an In-Home Water Filter is.

What is an In-Home Water Filter System?

Water filtration in the home can come in many forms and sizes. There are pitchers with small filters attached for those who maybe live in an apartment, small space, or use little water in the home. You can buy filters for your kitchen faucet or your refrigerators water dispenser. There are under the sink tanks and larger systems that can filter the water to your entire home.

What Does an In-Home Water Filter System Do?

These filters use a type of media to remove unwanted contaminants from our water. The water passes through a media like carbon and this removes smaller impurities that can be left behind after a physical type of filtration that only removes large particles.

Are In-Home Water Filter Systems Safe?

Our tap water is safe for human consumption and yet if you have your water tested you will find out that there are still many leftover minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and other potentially harmful contaminants remaining. Adding an In-Home Water Filter System can not only help to improve your water quality of taste and smell but also make it even safer for you and your family by removing or reducing these unwanted and potentially dangerous contaminates.

There are many reasons that adding an In-Home Water Filter System is a good idea and below are some of them.

Reasons to install an In-Home Water Filter System

-Safer drinking water

-Reduce Skin irritants

-Save Money

-Environmental protection

-Reduce Plumbing Issues

-Better tasting and smelling water

-Reduce the risk of certain diseases

-Eliminate soap build-up on clothing, skin, and dishes

Many of these issues cannot be completely removed with a water filter alone because hard water issues can also be the cause. Hard water is caused by a buildup of certain minerals like calcium and magnesium. This buildup can cause damage to your plumbing and appliances, leaves your skin dry and itchy, and causes clothes to wear out and fade faster. Overall hard water is a pesky problem that many homeowners face, and luckily there is an answer.

The H2o Concepts In-Home Water Filter System is a whole house system that is not only a top-notch water filter but also an advanced water condition system.

The H2o Concepts Whole House Systems are designed to produce bottled water quality water from every faucet in your home. These systems use our Amp Force Technology to remove your hard water issues and the highest quality media to filter out all the other impurities, minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants that we do not want in the water entering our homes nor our bodies.

Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we will have you enjoying the best possible quality water in your home in no time!