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Signs that you have hard water

If you live in Arizona, then you are likely familiar with the issues associated with hard water. If you are not familiar with the effects and signs of hard water, then we can help.

Arizona is known for having hard water, but don’t worry most cities and states do. Hard water is caused by too much of certain minerals in our water, like calcium and magnesium. As our water makes its natural path through mountains, streams, and rivers to get to our home’s it passes along and picks up these minerals and they remain in our water when it reaches our sinks and faucets. There are many signs you can look for to see if you have hard water in your home.

Hard Water Signs

  • White scale build-up

This is generally found around faucets, sinks, showerheads, drains, and other areas where water is frequent. This chalky build-up is caused by excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium remaining in your water. If you have seen this type of scale build-up then you definitely have hard water in your home.

  • Dry dull hair

Hard water can make our hair feel very dry and brittle. The hard water minerals form a kind of film on your hair that makes it difficult for the hair to absorb and retain moisture. You may find yourself looking for more expensive types of shampoos and conditioners when hard water is the likely perpetrator.

  • Itchy dry skin

Just as the calcium and magnesium make your hair dry it can also negatively affect your skin. When you have hard water, soap is not able to get “soapy” like it does if the water is not hard. This causes you to feel like the soap hasn’t washed off completely. If you have skin issues like eczema hard water can make your symptoms worsen.




  • Faded clothing

Clothes are expensive and taking care of them is a top priority for most people. Just as the soap in your shower is not working as effectively as it could with hard water the same goes for your laundry detergent. The lack of suds in the washing machine generally causes us to use more soap than we need, and laundry detergent is quite costly, and the excessive amount of soap doesn’t get rinsed out of clothes. Hard water can also cause our clothing to look faded faster due to the minerals having a bleaching effect on them


  • Unclean or spotty dishes

If you have noticed white spots on your dishes when unloading your dishwasher then you likely have a hard water issue. These spots are the same as the scale build-up on your sinks and faucets and can be very difficult to get off of your dishes, and it makes your dishes look unclean and cause them to break easier.

  • Plumbing problems

All of the issues with limescale, dry hair and skin, dingy, faded clothing, and spotty dishes are the visible issues of hard water, but what about what we cannot see. Hard water is costly in more than ways than one on our plumbing. Hard water is very destructive to the inside of our appliance and plumbing pipes as well. The hard water build-up can cause very costly repairs on pipes and require you to replace expensive appliances sooner than normal. The build-up also causes lower water pressure and makes the appliances work harder and less efficiently which increases your water and electric bills.




If you are experiencing any of these hard water signs the most effective way to fix them all at once is to get rid of the hard water entering your home. We have several systems available to make your water quality absolutely amazing in your home and free your home from hard water and all of the complications that come along with it. Give us a call today and we can help you decide what system is right for you and your family.