December 6, 2019

Phoenix Water Softener

Phoenix Water Softener

Hard water and Arizona go hand in hand, which is why a Phoenix Water Softener is such an important addition to any home here anywhere in Arizona. Hard water can cause a lot of damage to your appliances; the buildup corrodes the pipes and causes the appliances to wear out faster because they are having to work harder. It also makes soap not “soap up” causing you to use more than you would need to otherwise, which is costly. Hard water can also make your skin and hair feel dry and leave your dishes dingy and your clothes faded.

What is Hard Water?

The term “hard water” comes from the fact that it is hard to clean. It is also hard to clean the stains and corrosion that the minerals in the water leave behind, and it is hard to clean your clothes, dishes, and bodies with the hard water. Hard water is basically caused by large amounts of calcium and magnesium (and other minerals) in the water. When the groundwater passes over limestone it picks up these minerals, it can also pick up other minerals and contaminants on its journey into your home.

Don’t worry it is not just you or your city, hard water is extremely common, it is reported that over 80% of the US has hard water. But the good news is that it is reversible.

How to Get Softer Water

There are areas where soft water occurs naturally, so you could just move to Wales or Scotland, but that seems drastic and the Arizona winters would be hard to leave. Don’t fret you have options other than packing up and moving across the globe. Phoenix ranks in the top 5 of metropolitan cities with the hardest water, so we know we definitely need to do something, and that something is a Phoenix Water Softener.

Water Softening Systems

At H2o Concepts, we have the best Phoenix Water Softener on the market today. Our system is different than a salt system. A salt system simply replaces the calcium and magnesium particles with sodium. This system works for softening your water, but it also creates a new set of issues to deal with. Our system is virtually maintenance-free, eco-friendly, and produces amazing results in your entire home. We use Amp Force Technology to break down the calcium and magnesium into a soluble state that is able to remain in your water without causing all the hard water issues. Calcium and magnesium are both vital minerals that our bodies need so being able to leave them in their soluble form is a great asset.

Give H2o Concepts today and we can discuss all of your hard water questions. We will be happy to discuss all of your Phoenix Water Softener questions and help you find a system that best fits the needs of you and your family.