When it’s hot in Arizona, there’s nothing better than a cold glass of water. But when your water tastes funny, your drink might not seem as refreshing. You don’t have to suffer with funny tasting water. H2O Concepts provides Phoenix Water Softeners to customers all over Arizona. Hard water is a common problem in this area. At H2O Concepts, we’re dedicated to making sure our customers are always drinking healthy, clean water. We’ve been serving Arizona commercial and residential customers for over 30 years. If you’re sick of finding spots on your dishes fresh from the dishwasher or constantly clogging showerheads, call H2O Concepts to see how a Phoenix Water Softener can helo you.

Why Does My Water Taste Weird?

If your new to Arizona, or are returning home after vacationing, you may think your water tastes funny. Different cities’ water tastes different, and Arizona water is perfectly healthy for human consumption. According to the city of Phoenix, much of the municipal water comes from the Salt River Project, which brings water by canals and pipelines from the Salt and Verde rivers. The Colorado River is also a source of water for the city of Phoenix as well. Many Arizona residents rely on groundwater or private well systems for water too. When water flows through pipes and canals, it can pick of tastes and odors from the pipes it travels through. The water is then processed and cleaned at a water treatment plant, ensuring it is safe to drink. If you use a well, the ground where the water comes from can change the taste of your water too. In both cases, a Phoenix Water Softener can help improve the taste of your water as well as its cleaning power. Improving the power of soap when you wash dishes, laundry, or yourself.

Patented AMP Force Technology

While H2O Concept’s filters take out common contaminants in water, you might still notice hard water buildup. When you combine our salt-free Filtration and our AMP Force™ technology, hard water is a thing of the past. The AMP Force™ work by using an electronic device that generates pulses to break the calcium bicarbonate and the magnesium bicarbonate into a water-soluble, non-adherent form of calcium and magnesium carbonate. In the soluble state, these two minerals cannot adhere to the inner surfaces of the pipes or fixtures. Since the crystalline form of the bicarbonate is permanently changed in the process, the residue left behind when water is allowed to evaporate on surfaces like sink decks, faucets, or glass is easily removed with a damp paper towel or cloth. The life of all water-using appliances will be extended as a result of the lack of scale in areas like pump impellers and pipes. The AMP Force™ will also descale any existing build-up over time. An H2O Concepts Phoenix Water Softener doesn’t requre you to purchase bags of salt. This helps the environment because you don’t need to pollute the ecosystem by dumping a brine on a regular basis. In fact, our systems are mostly maintaince free and come with a 10-year no-nonsense warranty.

Benefits Of Having A Phoenix Water Softener Installed

Besides improving the taste of your water, there are many benefits to having a Phoenix Water Softener installed in your home. You’ll notice most of them will impact your wallet, in a positive way.
  • woman Drinking waterWater will taste better so you’ll purchase fewer bottles of water
  • Soap activates better in softened water. Meaning you’ll use less shampoo, laundry detergent, and dish soap for the same level of cleanliness
  • Reduces dry skin
  • Appliances that use water are less likely to clog and will run more efficiently
  • Hard water can cause sediment build-up in pipes, changing your water pressure and increasing the likeliness of a pipe bursting
  • Fresher flavors when steaming or boiling food
  • Better tasting coffee, tea, and juice

Contact H2O Concepts Today to Learn More About Phoenix Water Softeners

H2O Concepts is standing by ready to help you find the best Phoenix Water Softener for your home. We offer a wide variety of products that are great for residential and commerical properties. Once your filtration system is installed, you’ll notice clearly better water right away. Contact H2O Concepts today to schedule your estimate.

Phoenix Water Softener

Hard water and Arizona go hand in hand, which is why a Phoenix Water Softener is such an important addition to any home here anywhere in Arizona. Hard water can cause a lot of damage to your appliances; the buildup corrodes the pipes and causes the appliances to wear out faster because they are having to work harder. It also makes soap not “soap up” causing you to use more than you would need to otherwise, which is costly. Hard water can also make your skin and hair feel dry and leave your dishes dingy and your clothes faded.

What is Hard Water?

The term “hard water” comes from the fact that it is hard to clean. It is also hard to clean the stains and corrosion that the minerals in the water leave behind, and it is hard to clean your clothes, dishes, and bodies with the hard water. Hard water is basically caused by large amounts of calcium and magnesium (and other minerals) in the water. When the groundwater passes over limestone it picks up these minerals, it can also pick up other minerals and contaminants on its journey into your home.

Don’t worry it is not just you or your city, hard water is extremely common, it is reported that over 80% of the US has hard water. But the good news is that it is reversible.

How to Get Softer Water

There are areas where soft water occurs naturally, so you could just move to Wales or Scotland, but that seems drastic and the Arizona winters would be hard to leave. Don’t fret you have options other than packing up and moving across the globe. Phoenix ranks in the top 5 of metropolitan cities with the hardest water, so we know we definitely need to do something, and that something is a Phoenix Water Softener.

Water Softening Systems

At H2o Concepts, we have the best Phoenix Water Softener on the market today. Our system is different than a salt system. A salt system simply replaces the calcium and magnesium particles with sodium. This system works for softening your water, but it also creates a new set of issues to deal with. Our system is virtually maintenance-free, eco-friendly, and produces amazing results in your entire home. We use Amp Force Technology to break down the calcium and magnesium into a soluble state that is able to remain in your water without causing all the hard water issues. Calcium and magnesium are both vital minerals that our bodies need so being able to leave them in their soluble form is a great asset.

Give H2o Concepts today and we can discuss all of your hard water questions. We will be happy to discuss all of your Phoenix Water Softener questions and help you find a system that best fits the needs of you and your family.