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Importance of water filtration

When you look at a tall glass of water it looks so clean and pure, but is it? As water makes its journey to our faucets it experiences many changes along the way. Our water first makes its journey to the water treatment facilities before it can enter our homes and during this journey, the water passes through lakes and rivers, and doing so gathers minerals, nutrients, chemicals, and even other contaminants. If you are like me and enjoy watching any of the large variety of survival shows on tv then you have learned that you should not be drinking water straight from almost any lake, stream, or river. This is where water treatment facilities come into play.

The water treatment facilities take the water through several steps to make it safe to drink, cook with, and bathe in. The process involves:

  • Coagulation and Flocculation-positively charged chemicals are added to the water. This neutralizes dirt and other particles resulting in the formation of the floc.
  • Sedimentation-the floc settles below the water supply.
  • Filtration-the water then passes through several filters to further eliminate particles, chemicals, and bacteria.
  • Disinfection-a disinfectant is then added to further remove and harmful bacteria and protect the water on its journey through the pipes.

The United States has the safest drinking water in the world but unfortunately, the water that leaves these treatment facilities is still not perfect and you can still get illnesses from our water.

You can do a web search of simply “how is my water” and many sites will come up. You can then generally enter your city or zip code and find out how your area’s water performs on the tests that they run. You will likely see that your water still has many high levels of chemicals and contaminants that you do not want to be drinking, cooking with, or bathing in on a regular basis.

This is where the Importance of a Home Water Filtration System comes in. An in-home water filtration system can further remove impurities, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants that we do want on our tap water. We will send out a qualified technician to come and find out your specific water needs and can from there find a filtration system that will work for your family’s needs and budget.

Our salt-free Whole Home Water Filtration Systems are the most certified green system on the market today. Our systems are made in Phoenix, Arizona, and are backed with a 10-year warranty. Our system combines not only our patented Amp Force technology to eliminate your hard water issues but also a top-quality filter using only high-quality media to filter out all the contaminants in your water. Both of these amazing systems are combined into one space-saving tank.

woman Drinking waterYou and your family use the water in your home daily, shouldn’t you have the best quality water possible? Give us a call today and we will show how our patented Amp Force Technology is different than the competition and how you can have better smelling, tasting, and quality water coming straight out of every tap inside of your home.