February 25, 2022

Hard Water in Arizona

Are you experiencing problems with hard water in Arizona? If so, you’re certainly not alone– unfortunately, it is a common problem among homeowners in the area. Hard water isn’t just an inconvenience, it can negatively affect your quality of life; it causes a whole host of issues including dry skin, damaged appliances, bad-tasting water, plumbing problems, and more.

So what should you do about hard water in Arizona? There are several solutions available on the market, but the best one by far is a no salt filtration system. When you invest in a no salt water filtration system, the unit is attached to your water supply at the entry point of your home. That means that every single faucet in your entire home produces clean, clear, refreshing water that’s free of excess minerals and other contaminants.

At H2o Concepts, we’ve been providing Arizona residents with the healthy, delicious water they’ve been longing for. Our top-notch whole house filtration units remove a wide range of contaminants that can affect your health and well-being such as chlorine, calcium, fluoride, lead, algae, bacteria, and more. If you want to eliminate your hard water problems, just give us a call at 623-582-5222 or complete the contact form on our site to get started. If you’re not certain your home has hard water, keep reading; we’ve provided the top seven signs of hard water below to help you make an informed assessment

Top 7 Signs of Hard Water in Arizona

Hard water can cause a wide range of issues in your home. At first, you may not fully understand how these problems could be connected to your water supply. To help you develop a better understanding of the effects of hard water and how they occur, here are the top signs to look for:

1.   The Taste of Your Water Is Off

One of the most common signs that you have hard water in your home is bad-tasting water. Hard water contains a variety of contaminants that can have a significant effect on how your water tastes. For example, if your water has a chalky, bitter, or chemical-like taste to it, chances are you have hard water in your home.

2.   Your Water Has an Odor to It

The contaminants found in hard water can also affect how your water smells. Ideally, your water should have no discernible odor to it. Hard water, on the other hand, may come off smelling a bit earthy or metallic in nature.

3.   There are Streaks on Your Dishes

The excess minerals in hard water can cause a wide range of problems in your home. One of the top complaints homeowners make is that their dishwasher doesn’t seem to be cleaning effectively. This is due to the chemical reaction that happens between soap and minerals in hard water which decreases the effectiveness of soap and leaves a white film on dishes after they’ve been washed.

4.   Your Clothes Don’t Get Clean

The same chemical reaction that decreases the effectiveness of soap in your dishwasher also causes problems in the laundry. Do you ever recall seeing white residue on your clothes? Or maybe they tend to feel rough on your skin, even after you’ve washed and dried them. If so, you can thank your hard water for that; the soap doesn’t clean or wash away very well, leaving your clothes feeling stiff and scratchy instead of being soft and pliable.

5.   Your Hair Feels Damaged and Dry

Not only does this chemical reaction between hard water and soap affect your clothes and dishes, but it can also damage your hair, leaving it feeling rough, dry, and hard to manage.

6.   You Struggle with Dry Skin

Your hair isn’t the only thing getting damaged by hard water in the shower—the excess minerals in unfiltered water also affect your skin. There are two processes at work here. For one, the minerals in hard water can clog your pores, causing dry skin. At the same time, the salts formed when minerals combine with soap are also leaving a film on your body, which exacerbates your dry skin problem.

7.    Your Shower Head Doesn’t Work Well

Another sure sign that your home has hard water is if your shower head doesn’t work well. Have you noticed that some of the holes in your shower head seem to be blocked off with a dry whitish material? Those are mineral deposits from your hard water. They clog up your shower head (and the rest of your appliances and plumbing, too) making it difficult for water to flow freely.

We’ll Solve Your Problems with Hard Water in Arizona

If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s time to call the water filtration experts at H2o Concepts. We can install a no salt filtration system to provide clear, healthy, refreshing water to your entire home. To get started, contact us at 623-582-5222 or by filling out the contact form on our website.