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There many Benefits of a Home Water Filter 

What a huge difference a few weeks have made in our new normal as a society. The increase in cases of the Covid-19 has almost completely shut down everything as we know it. One month ago, it was a problem for other parts of the world and America was chugging along with business as usual. The Stock Market was doing great, housing markets soaring, unemployment rates down, Spring Training for the MLB in full swing, kids were on spring break and life was good. Fast forward a few weeks and just like that life has completely changed. The Stock Market is falling, restaurants have closed down, all sports are at complete halt, schools are closed and possibly not going back this calendar year, people are losing their jobs, grocery store shelves are empty, and even worse people are sick and even dying.

It is almost surreal most of the time, it feels like a scene from a movie and unfortunately, this is our life at the moment. One of the things that I have noticed and that is that bottled water is flying off of the shelves as fast as the stores can get it stocked. I haven’t bought one bottle, but then again I rarely do. That is one of the main Benefits of a Home Water Filter. I have bottled water quality water coming straight out of every tap in my home.

Why you should ditch the bottle

First of all, not having to ever buy bottled water is extremely convenient not to mention it is way better for the environment. Bottled water has become so widely popular in my opinion because of its convenience. Grabbing a small prefilled bottled at the store is perfect for running errands or sitting at kids’ soccer games.  I am pretty sure the water companies know this as well, that is why a gallon of water at the store is cheaper than a 20-ounce bottle. The smaller bottle is easier to carry around than a gallon jug.

This convenience is really costing us in the long run though, financially and environmentally. The financial impact is different for each person, but it does seem silly to pay extra for something you have coming out of your faucet. Americans in general will spend over 15 billion dollars a year on bottled water…think of where else that could be going.

The environmental impact is huge and growing. Mother nature is probably the biggest advocate against the plastic bottled water trend. It is estimated that over 1,200 plastic water bottles go into a landfill or the ocean every second. The bottles polluted both land and water and are a danger to sea life. Even in landfills, the plastic bottles are leaking harmful chemicals into the ground.

The plastic bottles are also very harmful to animals in the water and on land. The polluted water bottles can harm the animals in many ways, they can be harmed by eating the plastic and possibly choking, broken plastic can cut them, or they get caught up in it making them unable to move or hunt their own food. Plastic pollution is bad in every way for the animals big and small that encounter it. Many marine animals are found dead with plastic-filled intestines and stomachs.

What are the alternatives

At H2o Concepts, we have an alternative that can help. Our whole home water filtration systems can help filter the water in your home and make it better than bottled. This Benefit of a Home Water Filter is that now you are getting the quality water that you are looking for in the store-bought bottled without the expensive price tag. Not only are you saving yourself money on no longer buying the bottles, but you are helping our planet.  Over a million plastic bottles have been sold while you read this post alone. A family no longer buying bottled water can save the family hundreds of dollars a year and keeps thousands of bottles out of our oceans, lakes, and landfills. Making a difference in our planet’s future is reason enough to stop using plastic bottles.

Ready to make a change

If you are ready to ditch the plastic bottles and make a positive change both financially for you and environmentally for the planet then give us a call today. We can further discuss all of the Benefits of a Home Water Filter and all of the options we have at H2o Concepts. We can find the product that will fit your family and family budget best and get you drinking better than bottled water out of every tap in your home in no time.