Phoenix Water Filter

Phoenix Water Filters

Living in the Phoenix area we are very used to the hard water conversation. The water here is extremely hard and no one will argue with that. Hard water is an awful thing to have to deal with, you have to add something to your home to soften or condition the water, so you don’t ruin your appliances. Hard water can ruin appliances, increase your bills, makes your skin feel awful, and soap doesn’t lather. None of this is what anyone wants.

Our water is also full of harmful contaminants that it picks up along its way to and from the water treatment facilities. I recently went and typed in my zip code on and received some alarming results. It showed that I have 6 contaminants in my area that exceed the health guidelines. They were Arsenic, Chromium, Nitrate, Radium, trihalomethanes, and another Nitrate. All of which have the potential risk listed as cancer. The Arsenic alone was over 1000 times the amount in the guidelines. That is pretty scary stuff, especially when I think about the amount of water my kids drink! Drinking water is supposed to be good for you, but those numbers seem to be the opposite.

What Can We Do?

The good news is that we can protect ourselves and our family from all the contaminants in our water. You need to add a Phoenix Water Filter. There are many great companies out there today and a lot of options to choose from. Honestly, this part can be a bit overwhelming at times because there are so many companies and so many different filtration options. What do I choose, salt or no salt, reverse osmosis, large or small? We have made it simple for you at H2o Concepts and would love to talk to you and help you narrow down your decision and find the system that fits your family best.

Why H2o Concepts?

H2o Concepts our Phoenix Water Filter System uses proven media filtration with energy to reverse your hard water and without the chemical contaminants in the water, it is much healthier for your body, hair, and skin.

What do we do for the hard? Our patented technology concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the Calcium and Magnesium, our system uses energy to change the bicarbonate crystals, changing them into a soluble form. In their soluble form they are left in the water leaving in the vital Calcium and Magnesium making H2o Concepts water alkaline (non-Acidic). Other systems just replace calcium and magnesium with sodium.

The second part of our system is the media, this is where we filter out all of those contaminants in our water. The KDF media designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. Next is the Coconut Shell GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) is developed from organic materials with high carbon contents. H2o Concepts uses Coconut Shell GAC (activated granular carbon) in our systems, its primary purpose is to adsorb natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals in the water. Then quartz acts as a regulator for the system to ensure that water flows evenly and efficiently through the system. The combination of these systems is what makes H20 stand apart from the competition and your best in-home option.

Let Us Help You.

H2o Concepts has the system for you, we have the best Phoenix Water Filter out there today. Our whole house system will have every faucet in your home pouring out better than bottled water in no time!  Our patented system is backed by a 10-year warranty and requires literally no maintenance. Our systems are salt-free which means there are no heavy salt bags to lug around and pour in every month. Our system also has no filters to constantly change like an R/O system. It is the simplest, easiest and most effective system on the market.  And to top it off we are Green certified! You can help your family and the planet at the same time.

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Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Benefits of a Home Water Filter

Watching water flow over a waterfall is almost mesmerizing. It is hard for anyone to walk past a waterfall and not stop and take in the beauty. The sound of the rushing water amidst a beautiful outdoor backdrop is an experience that people will travel and hike great distances to witness up close and personal. Getting a pass to hike to Havasupai falls is like winning the lottery here in the Phoenix area. Weekends the lakes are full of people and families enjoying them. The sounds of kids and adults enjoying their backyard or community swimming pools fill the air on any given summer day, and people who choose to not have their own pool seem to choose a water feature or small pond for their yards. Basically, people love water, they love the sounds and the beauty that water offers and the entrainment value that water can offer us.

With all the extra things that water can offer us, water is simply life. We are made up of mostly water and without it, we will die in roughly 3 days. Sadly, our source of life is much dirtier and way more contaminated than it appears. Turn on your tap and watch the water pour out, it is almost as mesmerizing as the water feature. It looks so crystal clean coming out but is actually far from clean on its own.

Our water is full of contaminants, even after they leave the water treatment facilities, they are still not what I want in my body.  You need an extra layer of filtering before the water reaches your families mouth and body.

Having a Home Water Filter can drastically change the water being brought into your home, traveling from treatment plant through miles of old pipes collecting runoff, contaminants and who knows what else on its way to your house. It has also collected a necessary evil of disinfectants, like chlorine. These do their job of killing off the harmful bacteria and other microbes we do not want to be ingesting, but now we are ingesting the chlorine. Kind of a double-edged sword. What can we do, filtration!

The Benefits of a Home Water Filter

A Home Water Filtration System is your last line of defense against the remaining contaminants in our drinking water. At H2o Concepts, our patented whole systems are certified to give you the highest quality water available.  Our product combines two systems in one to filter and condition your water all in one green-certified space-saving tank. Fresh, clean and great tasting water from every tap in your home is the Benefit of a Home Water Filter.

Our Systems not only get rid of all the unwanted contaminants that our collects on its journey, but we also have a one of a kind system that conditions and softens your water as well without having to add excess sodium to your water. Our “Amp Force” technology uses energy to change the bicarbonate crystals, resulting in a soluble form. These minerals in a soluble form are left in the water leaving in the vital Calcium and Magnesium making H2o Concepts water alkaline (non-Acidic). This makes the H2o Concepts system the most advanced system on the market! From there the water is filtered with the KDF Media removing and reducing and many of the contaminants like chlorine and heavy metals.

We back our systems with a 10-year warranty! Call us today and let us help you and your family enjoy the best possible water that you can and from every faucet I your home!