The Importance of a Home Filtration System

Why should you buy a home filtration system? Why is it important? There are several big reasons why getting a Home Filtration System is important, and you can pretty much break them down into two simple categories: money and safety. 


Let’s start with the biggie, money.  Everyone loves money but hates to talk about it, especially if you want to talk about how they are wasting it and watching money go out the drain!

Money is a big reason people wait on making the decision to buy a Home Filtration System in the first place. What these people don’t realize Is how much NOT having one is actually costing them. The savings you get from a Home Filtration Systems can really add up, especially over the life of a home. 

First, with no filtration, there’s the need to purchase bottled water. Sure, they are very convenient, and one bottle here and there doesn’t seem like much. That cost can really add up. The average case of bottled water costs about $5.  If you are a family of 4 and drinking 2 bottles per day each then you are spending over $500 a year on bottled water and that’s only drinking 24oz or less a day which is not nearly enough. Not to mention If your house is like mine then most of those bottles of water do not get finished because no one ever seems to know whose bottle is whose, so my plants would end up getting all of that left-over bottled waters, which is more waste.

Another cost for other systems that our H2o Concepts Home Filtration Systems do not have is the regular filter replacement or salt bag refills. Filters are not only costly but annoying to change. The bags go to another level of monthly maintenance annoyance. The hauling of the heavy bags from the store to the house and then the loading of the salt into the salt tank and not to mention, the monthly cost of the is around $6 per bag.

The lack of a Home Filtration System is also costly to you on plumbing repairs and new appliances. The energy waste due to your appliances not running as efficiently because of the buildup in your pipes. There is also the added cost of soaps and detergents that results from hard water not allowing soap to lather and work as it is intended.


The second main reason to add a Home Filtration System is safety. Our water is processed through water treatment facilities, which do alleviate many of the contaminants and they add chemicals to sanitize the water.  This process will not fix hard water which we have here in Arizona, so at the least, you need something to treat the hard water issues. There are also many contaminants that make it past the treatment centers and can cause many illnesses and even cancer. It is not only harmful to drink contaminated water but bathing in this water is just as harmful.  We should drink on average 8 glasses (8oz) of water a day. If your water tastes and smells better, it is more likely that you will consume more. 

Environmentally safe

We have the greenest rated system on the market. Not only do we want you to be safe, but we want to help protect mother nature as well. Bottled water is a huge waste problem we are facing today. Only about 1 in 5 bottles reach a recycling center. Each bottle will sit in a landfill for thousands of years, slowly releasing the toxic chemicals. Sadly, most will end up in our rivers, streams, and oceans before even making it to a landfill, therefore, adding to the massive amount of trash we already have polluting our waters. There is now more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Why get a H2o Concepts Home Filtration System?

It saves you money and time. It is healthier for you and safer for the environment. So, really the question is why not?


Arizona’s Best Whole House Water Filtration System

We get asked often, what is Arizona’s Best Whole House Water Filtration System? Good news, I have the answer, and it is our H2o Concepts Whole House Water Filtration System. There are basically only 3 big contenders in the water filtration game. Most people have heard of or have the traditional salt-based systems and many people have the reverse osmosis systems under their kitchen sinks or the whole R/O system in their garage. So, you want to know what is so different about the H2o concepts system. What makes us different? What makes us special?

How Our Whole House Filtration System is Different

What makes us stand apart is our 2-part system and our technology. In 1996 we discovered a technology that was developed earlier in Germany and this is our AMP Force technology. This uses energy to break up the minerals that cause hard water in our area. Our systems then have a SECOND STEP and that is the filtration system. Here we use three different high-quality medias to filter out the extra contaminants in your water.

We know how frustrating the shopping around for home water filtration systems can be. You want to make sure you are getting a good product and for a reasonable price. There’s an extensive amount of research out there and even more facts about the contaminants in our groundwater. It can all be very overwhelming. So, I would like to break it down a little for you.

Break Down Of The 3 Systems:

The Salt System

When I first bought a home, it had a salt system in the garage. The system has two parts, so it was rather big bulky. We had to constantly but the heavy salt bags at around $6 a bag and we shop at the big wholesale store so the bags weigh 40lbs. Putting 5 of those in the car is a workout, not to mention trying to pour it into the container, I would always spill some. So, the system is big and the salt bags are annoying and a constant expense. Then there’s the issue of how they work. They replace the magnesium and calcium with salt. Which does work to reduce the hard water issues we have here in Arizona. The downside is that now you need an under the counter R/O system to take out all the saline from your drinking water. All of this salt being put back into our wastewater is also becoming an environmental contaminant issue. So, the salt system is bulky, annoying, costly, requires continued attention and not great on mother nature…no thanks.

Reverse Osmosis

We had one of these in the kitchen under the sink so that we had fresh cooking and drinking water. It works well at making freshwater. It has filters to replace and they are a pain to change and you need a special tool to open them. The tank and filters all go under the sink so there no room under there anymore. The tanks hold a decent amount of water, but it is a very slow process that it goes through. So, if you ever empty the tank completely it takes a good day to fill it back up, so it’s hard to ever get caught back up on clean water. These systems also waste a large an=mount of water which makes them not too great for mother nature either. If you get the whole home system that goes into the garage the tanks are very big and you are now wasting even more water. I hate changing filters and I want to be environmentally aware so no R/o system for me.

H2o Concepts Whole House Filtration System

Our system has two technologies in one space-saving tank. We have our AMP Force Technology and the media filtration system. We are the most certified GREEN system on the market, so great on the environment! No heavy, costly salt bags or filters to mess with, our system is virtually maintenance-free! We know what an amazing product we have, that’s why we back it with a 10-year warranty. We would love to talk to you today and answer all of your questions and get you set up with clean fresh water from every tap in your home!! We want this process to be easier for you and leave you with the confidence that you made the best choice possible for your home and family.