Benefits of a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter

Flagstaff’s Drinking Water Comes from Many Different Sources; it comes from Upper Lake Mary, springs in the San Francisco Peaks, groundwater, and city wells. Like most water in the state of Arizona the water in Flagstaff can be hard, have a bad odor at times, has poor taste, and may leave dishes and clothes feeling and looking dingy. All of these are completely normal and even easy to fix. All you need are the Benefits of a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter.

There are numerous Benefits of a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter and adding one to your home or business will pay off right away. Here are just a few of the major benefits:


One of the most important jobs of any type of water filter is to clean your water and rid the water entering your home of any harmful contaminants that can be found in your water. Sulfur, lead, and iron are just a few of the contaminants that are found in water supplies. Other unwanted contaminants like fluoride and chlorine are added during the water treatment process. Adding a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter can clean your water of all these and other harmful and unwanted contaminates.


When you have hard water, it wears out your appliances from the inside. Hard water can slowly clog up and deteriorate the pipes of your dishwater, faucets, washing machine, hot water heater, garbage disposal, r/o system, and any other water-based appliances you may own. This slow process will not only cause you to have to replace your costly appliances earlier, but it also increases your energy bill by causing your appliances to work harder to do the same job. Having cleaner and healthier water is not only better for you but will increase the life of your appliances and save you money.

Your Health

We need water every day to live. We use water so many times throughout our day that we likely take our water for granted. From the moment we wake up we are using the water in our home, and should we not make sure that we are using the best possible water. Adding a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter to your home will give you the best tasting, smelling, contaminate-free, and unhardened water possible. Our patented system not only rids your water of all the unwanted chemicals and contaminants that we drink, cook with, and bathe daily but it also uses our Amp force technology to “soften” the water without adding any sodium or other unwanted substances. You can have soft, clean water from every tap in your home. Providing you with cleaner water to give your kids a bath in, fresher water to drink and cook with. Water that is better for your clothes and dishes. Water that is just better all around.


There is a saying that “money talks” and no matter your stance on money that saying is true. When it comes to money, I think we all would like more, and we definitely want to waste less. The initial investment of a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter varies depending on your needs, the size of your house, and what you are looking for in general, but they are worth the investment. Having your appliances ruined by hard water and having to replace them can be very costly and if your plumbing is ruined and you require new pipes in your house that can be overwhelmingly costly. Your clothes will last longer, that saves you money. Hard water causes soap to not get “sudsy” therefore we use more detergents and dish soap, which are also costly.

Another amazing money-saving Benefit of a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter is bottled water. Bottled water is costly. It is costly to our wallets and our environment. On average 60 million water bottles are thrown away in the United States each day, according to multiple recycling websites. If you have a Whole House Water Filter Installed in your home, you can get better than bottled water quality water from every tap in your home and save yourself the cost of buying bottled water and help reduce the number of plastics in our landfills, oceans, and streams.

There are so many Benefits of a Flagstaff Whole House Water Filter. Not only will you save your appliances and plumbing from overworking and ruining, but you will save your clothes and skin from the dingy effects of hard water. You will be giving your family and yourself the cleanest and safest possible water to drink, cook and bathe with and you will also be saving yourself cold hard cash, which is always a nice added bonus. Give H2o Concepts a call today at 1-888-275-4261 or fill out our contact form HERE and we would be happy to talk to you more about all of the options and benefits of a Whole House Water Filter.