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Letter from the President of H2o Concepts International. Inc.

The World Health Organization has issued a preliminary report on Nutrients in Drinking Water. I've read all 196 pages and would like to share with you my observations. Please understand that this letter contains my understanding of the report and I invite each of you to click on this link visit World Health Report and read for yourself what the experts have found.

I couldn't help but wonder how water softener companies and reverse osmosis drinking water system manufacturers have been allowed to advertise for years that they provide us with healthy water. The evidence repeatedly points to the fact that softened water (that which has had its minerals removed either by using salt or reverse osmosis-type filtration) is unhealthy! Everything from increased heart disease to high blood pressure and diabetes are clearly influenced by the amount of minerals retained in drinking water. Even cooking in demineralized water showed substantial losses of essential vitamins and minerals when vegetables, meats, and cereals were prepared in demineralized water!

I've been saying for years that in my humble opinion, the H2O Concepts whole house water treatment system produces the finest quality, healthiest water of any system on the market. Judge for yourself. Read the World Health Organization's report; then call us and let us show you why H2O Concepts is Clearly Better Water. Thousands of Arizona homeowners have chosen our whole house conditioner over softeners or RO units to provide their families with better than bottled water quality at every faucet and shower in their home. Come on; don't be fooled by claims that salt-softened or reverse osmosis water is healthy for your family. It isn't! The findings are in: Hardness Good / Softness Bad.

In Arizona contact us direct; and out-of-state call for a dealer near you. This could be the most important phone call you'll make this year. H2O Concepts…for Clearly Better water. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I value the health of my family above anything; and hope that you feel the same.

Sincerely yours,

H2O Concepts International, Inc
Robert Peak

H2o Concepts Clearly Better Water

Better for Environment

Green leaf with water droplets showing H2o Concepts water is safe for plants.

  • Healthier, better-tasting drinking water
  • Improves the taste of juice, coffee, soup, and ice
  • Eliminates need for bottle water or reverse osmosis

Better for Your Family

Healthy water glass being filled with H2o Concepts water

  • Leaves Vital Calcium and Magnesium in the water
  • Reduces or eliminates contaminants in the water
  • Cook, Shower, Bath without salt or potassium chloride laden water
  • Water without chlorine

Better for Your Skin

women examining her face that she has washed with H2o Concepts water.

  • Leaves skin feeling smoother after showering, shaving and washing
  • Makes hair healthier and more manageable
  • Reduces dry skin


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