What is Hard Water

What is Hard Water and how does it affect me and my family?

Hard Water is a common issue that many people have. The term Hard Water refers to water that has an excessive amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause the water to have many unwanted properties.

What are the unwanted properties of Hard Water?

Calcium carbonate deposits can build up on your fixtures, sinks, appliances, inside of your hot water tank, and inside of your water pipes.

Hard Water prevents soap from dissolving properly which can lead to:

Skin irritations – Many people who suffer from skin issues find that hard water can make conditions like eczema worse and cause others to constantly have dry feeling skin.

Dry scalp and brittle hair – Hard Water can cause your hair to become drier and brittle from the excess minerals and the soap not fully dissolving properly. It can also change your hair color and if you color treat your hair it can strip the die faster.

Dingy clothes – Hard Water leaves behind minerals in your clothing build up and makes the white and lighter colored clothing appear dingy and can also cause your clothes to wear out faster.

Soap scum on shower walls and doors – Hard Water minerals and the soap come together to form the annoying substance we call soap scum. It can be difficult to remove and is very unsightly.

Hard Water can also be the cause of some very troublesome and costly plumbing issues. Some of these are:

Appliances life span reduced – when the Hard water minerals build up inside of the pipes the water flow is reduced more and more over time. This build-up requires your appliances to work harder to do the same job which will wear them out faster.

Rust rings in the toilet – We have all seen these rusty rings in a toilet somewhere and if you have ever tried to get rid of them then you will know that is a hassle that you want to avoid.

Corroded plumbing pipes – Just like the pipes in your appliances the plumbing can also get clogged from hard water deposits. Have chunks of your plumbing replaced can be very expensive.

Unpleasant drinking water – Drinking hard water is not considered unsafe but it may cause your water to have an odd taste or even smell.

Hard Water is an extremely common issue that most of us face in our trials and tribulations of homeownership. Luckily, we do not have to deal with all of these issues brought on by the hardness in our water. There is an answer and H2o Concepts has it!

At H2o Concepts, we have designed a two-part system to rid your home of Hard Water and give you the best possible water quality in your home. Our system is different from the competition. We are a saltless, and maintenance-free system that is made right here in the USA. We know that our system, will be the last system that you ever need and that is why we back our Whole Home Systems with a 10-year warranty.

Our Amp Force technology is our patented system that uses energy to break up the hard water molecules. This system helps to rid the water of the hard water qualities while leaving the calcium and magnesium minerals in their soluble form which allows your body to still be able to absorb these valuable minerals.

We would love to help you answer all of your hard water questions and help you decide if a Whole Home Water Filtration System is right for you.  At H2o Concepts, we want to help everyone have the best quality of water possible right in their own homes! Give us a call today or fill out our contact form HERE and we will have a representative get back to as quickly as possible.